The Value of a Good Education


Delta State University

A good education can take you far in life.

Everyone should have some form of education. Even though many successful people have not gone to school or have not stayed in school, there is more to education than how much money you will make.

However, not everyone has an equal chance when it comes to education. People living in poverty are more likely to drop out just so they can work. If you are fortunate or wealthy, take advantage of the opportunities that you have and continue with your education. 

What Is the Value of a Good Education? 

Education gives us the understanding we need in order to become successful and wealthy. An education can help get you the job of your dreams.

According to  Allison Academy, “The main purpose of education is to provide the opportunity for acquiring knowledge and skills that will enable people to develop their full potential, and become successful members of society.” 

Without the proper education, it can be hard to impress employers and convince them that you are exactly what they’re looking for. So in summary, the value of a good education is both stability and financial surveillance.

And of course, there are many job positions out there that require a degree for entry. Degrees are very important because most employers will not even glance at your resume if you do not have a degree. Having a degree will get you noticed. 

With an education, you have an opportunity to make good money. Education not only gets you that dream job, but gets you a great paying job. Having an education can indeed lead you towards a wealthy future. 

Education is Experience

Education is very important because of the valuable experiences it can offer. It teaches you to become responsible. Showing up and doing work on time helps prepare you to enter the workforce. Functioning within a classroom alongside other students can prepare you for functioning in the workplace with co-workers. 

Education can also give you morals and help you to be a good citizen. In fact, education can also play a key role in the community.

According to University of The People, “Societies with high rates of education completion have lower crime, better overall health, and civic involvement.”

While many people look at college as a not-so-important option, it in fact has its benefits. College can increase career stability. Not to mention, it gives you background in the field of your choice that you will need in order to succeed. It can also increase the ability to make an impact on your community. 

In conclusion, education is a good and valuable thing to have. However, you can still be successful whichever path you choose, whether it’s going to school and remaining, going to school but not attending a college or not going to school at all.