The Delta Statement

This image was taken 24 hours before an emotional disaster.

Ladies, It’s not Always our Fault

Joanna Johnson, Social Media Manager November 21, 2020

I just got out of a relationship that I assumed was one of the happiest of my life. Everything was going great - no arguments, no conflicts - everything was peaches and cream. Until it wasn’t. You could...


Flying in (to) a Pandemic

Tasha Toms, Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2020

The JFK airport in New York is an unforgettable experience at the best of times—never mind in the middle of a global pandemic.    No one really cares, but everyone pretends to as they get off...

The DMI Is a Place for Anyone Who Loves Music

The DMI’s Unsung Hero

Ethan Burnett, Copy Editor November 19, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted many things at DSU, and the bands involved with the DMI were hit especially hard. At the beginning of the semester, none of the student bands had enough members to perform. One student...

The Vacation of a Lifetime

The Vacation of a Lifetime

Ethan Burnett, Copy Editor November 18, 2020

My family was too big to go on vacations, so I had never even gone to the beach before. I am the oldest of seven kids, so you can imagine how hard it was for all of us to go to Walmart, much less anywhere...

The Electoral Daycare

The Electoral Daycare

Jack Vernon, Social Media Manager November 18, 2020

The week of Nov. 3, 2020, was an interesting one to say the least. That was the week I began my time at the Electoral Daycare. The Electoral Daycare is a very special preschool daycare that only admits...

Olivia Freeny (left) and Sarah Freeny (right)

Switching Places

Olivia Freeny, Publisher November 18, 2020

There are many ridiculous stereotypes about twins. They have superpowers. They’re clones of each other. There’s always an evil twin amongst the set, or at the very least, they love to pull pranks just...

GIrls Do Play Video Games

Sexism in Video Games

Ethan Burnett, Copy Editor November 18, 2020

Sexism. It’s a heavy topic in today’s culture. Most people know it from terms such as “the glass ceiling” or “wage gap,” but I would like to point it out in a different place: video games.   Many...

 Black Panther (credit to the Official Black Panther Movie Facebook Page)

Diversity in American Entertainment

Olivia Freeny, Publisher November 17, 2020

Diversity in American entertainment has always been lacking. Many television shows and movies have mostly white actors and white male directors. A majority of entertainers who have won Oscars, Grammys...

An edited display on the Greek Life section of Delta State’s website

Greek Life vs COVID-19 – The Battle of Cease and Desist

November 17, 2020

 This year has not been the most engaging for students on campus. COVID-19 has postponed social events, academics, athletics and, of course, Greek life.    Greek life can be an exciting way...

The Statesmen and The Fighting Okra

Delta State Stays Open

Tasha Toms, Editor In Chief November 6, 2020

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Delta State University has successfully remained at the forefront of innovation and attention in delivering in-person, online and hybrid classes to its students this semester...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (credit: Nintendos official The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild website)

Are Video Games Art?

Olivia Freeny, Publisher November 5, 2020

What is art? When someone thinks about art, they probably picture Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" or Michelangelo's "David." They tend to think of paintings and sculptures that are on display in a museum.    Video...

Dear America, In Sincerity

Dear America, In Sincerity

Jack Vernon, Social Media Manager November 5, 2020

Dear America, Insincerity is rampant in your elections and seems to now operate as a prerequisite for any potential candidate. On November 3, my fellow Americans and I will finally have the chance...