The Delta Statement

While clean beauty products are better for you, they arent always as good for the environment.

Now Free of Toxins…and Concern for Sustainability?

Emily Saucier, Co-Editor-in- Chief February 29, 2024

Contemporary culture celebrates mindfulness of self-care and personal health. However, the “clean beauty” label does not guarantee the use of sustainable packaging. The New Trend: Ultimate Self-Care...

The Fielding L. Wright Art Center is located on Delta States quad.

The Wright Center Art Gallery: Delta State’s Hidden Gem

Anna Schmitz, Staff Writer February 29, 2024

The Delta State Art Gallery almost always has something going on. About every month, a new artist has the chance to share their work with the community, but students often overlook what the gallery has...

Duluth Model Power and Control Wheel

Domestic Violence: What It Is and Why You Need to Know About It

Lauren Harvey, Co-Editor-In-Chief February 20, 2024

Content Warning: Detailed Discussion of Domestic Violence Domestic violence (DV) is a topic that college and university circles don't discuss enough. According to official statistics, a shocking number...

SGA President, Haley Rooks is here to make the Delta State experience better.

What to know about Student Government Association and Elections

Samantha Kirkhart, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

As spring semester begins, Delta State’s very own Student Government Association (SGA) is on the lookout for interested new members to complete their cabinet. This is the Delta State student guide to...

Delta: We Have A Problem

Delta: We Have A Problem

Jamelia Mason, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 13, 2024

Delta State welcomed President Daniel J. Ennis with not just Okra and Statement pride, but also with an insurmountable amount of debt. This led President Ennis to make the tough decision to instigate...

Delta States warmly welcomed new international students from 13 countries during Spring orientation, Jan. 11-12, 2024

The Fighting Okra Goes Global

Moukthida Xaygnaphone, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

Delta State is breaking new ground with its initiative, "Fighting Okra Goes Global," aiming to provide a warm and supportive environment for international students. Assistant Advisor of International...

Hollywood Sign wearing a pink cowgirl hat (Assets from Pixabay, (Design and editing by Naia)

X’s and Oh-no’s: Elle King’s “Embarrassing” Opry Stunt

Naia Marie Loper, Co-Editor-In-Chief February 8, 2024

The Grand Ole Opry held a concert Jan. 19, 2024, to honor the 78th birthday of famed Country singer and songwriter Dolly Parton. Elle King was featured alongside other artists such as Tigirlily Gold and...

President Ennis

Delta State Welcomes President Daniel J. Ennis

Jamelia Mason, Publisher April 27, 2023

On March 28, 2023, Delta State University gained its ninth president, Dr. Daniel J. Ennis. This appointment came about after the Institute of Higher Learning removed former president William N. Laforge...

A degree can open doors for your employment future.

How Your Degree Can Affect Your Career

Erykah Rayford, Social Media April 27, 2023

The specific degree you hold can influence the types of job opportunities that are available to you. However, your degree does not necessarily limit your job opportunies.  For example, with a degree...

Delta States Gaming Club has big plans for next year.

The Future of the Delta State Gaming Club

Adams W. Ray, Copy Editor April 26, 2023
As the newly-formed Gaming Club wraps up the semester, they are thinking about their future. The club declared their intentions for club activities next semester at one of their final spring meetings. 
One the many sites of destruction in a small Rolling Fork neighborhood. Almost every house on this street was completely leveled.

Devastation in Rolling Fork

Charlie Lott, Social Media April 25, 2023
A small town that is only an hour from our campus has experienced death, destruction and immense grief since the night of March 24th when a tornado nearly half a mile wide tore through the Mississippi Delta.
Watching other peoples lives captivates us--but why?

Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?

Aaliyviah Frison, Copy Editor April 4, 2023

I am going to go straight into this: we love drama, specifically reality shows.  We feel satisfied when a cast member we can’t stand doesn’t get their way or gets their “karma.” Or vice versa,...