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Tyler Moore - Strength and Conditioning Coach at Delta State University

At Home Workout 101

Tasha Toms, Publishing Editor August 25, 2020

Due to COVID-19, gyms are shutting worldwide. This means many are left wondering how to stay fit at home. There are many options to working out at home – if you feel up to it.  Working out is a fantastic...

People gathering in protest with signs.

Beyond Party Lines

Hannah Alley, Student Editor May 5, 2020

 It's NOT Just About You 2020 has been a wild year, and believe it or not, it is only May. If you turn on the TV, open up Instagram, or even walk outside, it is impossible to escape the overwhelming...

Self-love looks like the version of you that is complete, and happy and centered.

Self-Love: No One Can Do It For You

K'Na Rose, Publishing May 5, 2020

Self-Love: No One Can Do It For You Love is the closest thing we as humans have to magic. There's a mystery to its attraction, a secret to its mastery and a yearning for its possession.  Sadly,...

Woman holding a delicate rose to her lips

Am I Just Your Fragile Flower?

Hannah Alley, Delta Arts Journal Editor May 4, 2020

“I mean no offense, but I need a man to help me. I don't want you to hurt your chance of having kids one day.” What he’d said sent me reeling. I never thought such a sweet gentleman could actually...

Unemployment: College Edition

K'Na Rose, Events Coordinator May 2, 2020

Germs are taking over the world. Quite literally, the Coronavirus pandemic is shutting down multiple businesses in America in one clean sweep.  There’s no longer any need for recreation or luxuries...

Fragile man

Man Made of Glass

Jay Loper, Copy Editor April 29, 2020

I guess it was early summer because the neighborhood douchebags were out in full force, and my ill-fitting jeans had rubbed blisters all over my chubby thighs. Despite being probably thirteen or fourteen...

Jimmy Valvado at the 1993 Espy Awards.

Don’t Give Up

Shamyiah Williams, Publishing Manager April 27, 2020

Imagine your brain scattered constantly with thoughts that are difficult to understand. Imagine a world where people look at you like you are a sore thumb in their reality when you reveal that you are...

The Lady Statesmen Ballers

Basketball and the Delta

Tasha Toms, Publishing Manager April 24, 2020

The Delta State Women’s Basketball team recently finished their season 23-7. Although the NCAA cut the season short in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, DSU’s record is one to be proud of.  Prior...

The Fight for Equality

The Fight for Equality

Hannah Alley, Delta Arts Journal Editor April 22, 2020

On International Women’s Day, women come together to acknowledge their triumphs and struggles with gender inequality.  Women around the world, regardless of race, background, or sexuality, use this...

Advancing Computers

Advancing Computers

Victoria Jankowski, Copy Editor April 20, 2020

In recent years, technology has expanded at a rapid rate. New developments in computers and their applications have made various tasks easier and faster than they have ever been. According to Lafayette...

Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay.

there is nothing but a hole (and other thoughts)

Chris Kalil, Student Contributor April 17, 2020

nothing – there is nothing there is nothing there is nothing. There should be something. Anything. The tumors in my grandmother’s brain the size of grapes. They moan like animals before they die....

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Emily Walker, Student Contributor April 15, 2020

I wish my father had never loved horses. I wish he had never taught me how to love horses. When I look at a horse, instead of thinking of its beauty or the urge I have to ride it bareback, I just think...