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The Story of Professor Ferreira

The Story of Professor Ferreira

Marilyn Carrera April 13, 2020

DSU's beloved Spanish professor, Sylma Samuel Ferreira is from the Commonwealth of Dominica, an island in the Caribbean. Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, another country in the Caribbean,...

Riots and Emergency: Inside Parchman Prison

Riots and Emergency: Inside Parchman Prison

Lajuana Banger, Copy Editor April 7, 2020

On New Year's Day, 2020, a fight broke out in Parchman Prison. An anonymous source who was involved in the riots says that the fights were not due to gang violence, but due to the mistreatment of the prisoners...

This is the picture of Domos new Youtube channel.

How Social Media Affects Relationships and Reality

Shamyiah Williams, Publishing Manager April 6, 2020

Relationships are important What does a relationship mean? What makes it meaningful to have a bond or connection with another person? A relationship can be between family, friends, associates, or romantic...

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Violence in the Delta

Sarai Cork, Delta Arts Journal Editor April 5, 2020

Gun violence is a serious issue that is getting worse in the Delta. Mississippi has faced more tragic deaths recently through the act of shooting a gun.  Mississippi is number one as the state with...

Environmentalism in younger generations

Jay Loper, Copy Editor April 3, 2020

“How Dare you?”  The voice of a new generation of activists    Late in the summer of 2018, fifteen-year-old Greta Thunberg made her first stand against climate change. Thunberg’s protests...

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The New Reality of COVID-19

Anthony Brown, Social Media Coordinator April 1, 2020

On March 12, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. Since then, the virus and efforts to slow its spread have not only changed our lives on DSU’s campus, but also...

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Ableists: Shut Up And Listen!

Jay Loper, Copy Editor March 12, 2020

Like you, people with autism are human. We have thoughts, emotions, and intentions of our own. We do not need to be told what to do or how to feel.    It is frustrating whenever I see yet another...

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Why You Should Watch “Who Killed Malcolm X?”

Shamyiah Williams, Publishing Manager March 11, 2020

After the death of Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr wrote a letter explaining his final stance on integration.   “I fear I am integrating my people into a burning house,” King states in the...


Justin Anderson, Publishing Manager March 3, 2020

The campus of Delta State University is very subtle and appealing to the eye. There are many positive things that can be said about the campus. But there are a few negative aspects that must be addressed. Some...

Five Mindsets That Will Boost Your College Experience

Five Mindsets That Will Boost Your College Experience

Eloi Brownley Francois, Publishing Manager March 2, 2020

With the upcoming events of Spring 2020, like the International Business Symposium and Young Professional Conference, getting into a convenient mindset to make the most out of these opportunities is crucial. These...

 Image of red and white balloons drifting into the air

Ingested and Entangled: How Harmful Can a Balloon Really Be?

Hannah Alley, Delta Arts Editor March 2, 2020

Picture this: it is your graduation. You have been working for the last four years to walk on stage and receive your diploma.  It is finally over. Friends and family gather together to celebrate the...

The picture is illustrating the mind exploding from mental disturbance.

Mental Health Crisis

Lajuana Banger, Copy Editor March 1, 2020

We sometimes overlook the people who suffer from mental health issues. Raising awareness of mental health is an opportunity to help people in need of assistance.  What is Mental Health? According to...