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Sarai Cork

Sarai Cork, Delta Arts Journal Editor

The Biography of Sarai Cork

Sarai Cork is a 20-year-old upcoming YouTuber from Indianola, Miss., who wants to continue her education at Full Sail University where she plans to receive her Master’s Degree in creative writing in entertainment. If this doesn’t work out, her next plan would be to write her own non-fiction drama. Her passion is to be the first female gamer to write her own games. She is also very passionate about nonfiction writing. In her spare time, she enjoys reading Jessica Watkins’ works, and she also enjoys writing. Sarai states that writing is her strongest area. Sarai chose Delta State because, at the moment, it was a better fit for her, and they also offered her a scholarship. Her plans thus far are to work hard, graduate and take at least a year off from school to focus on herself. After her break, she plans to return to school in Florida at Full Sail University.  Some other interesting things about Sarai is that she was home-schooled from 7th grade until her senior year, so she really never got to experience being a class with her classmates and learning in a classroom. Before Sarai entered Delta State, she was a student at MDCC. She states that “dedicated,” “intelligent” and “focused” are three words that describe her as a person. She also has a YouTube that you can subscribe to @Princetongirl’sWorld; this is where she gives video game reviews. 


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