The Delta Statement

This image was taken 24 hours before an emotional disaster.
Ladies, It’s not Always our Fault
Joanna Johnson, Social Media Manager

I just got out of a relationship that I assumed was one of the happiest of my life. Everything was going great - no arguments, no conflicts - everything was peaches and cream. Until it wasn’t. You could say age was a head-scratcher considering he was seven years older than me, but he contributed to the relationship, too. The more I think about it, how it ended was not completely my fault!    The...

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Flying in (to) a Pandemic
Tasha Toms, Editor-in-Chief

The JFK airport in New York is an unforgettable experience at the best of times—never mind in the middle of a global pandemic.    No one really cares, but everyone pretends to as they get off the plane, trying to get their own bags down to run off and do whatever it is they’re here for. Someone is shouting about missing a flight, but no one steps aside to let him through. A group of drunk...

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The DMI Is a Place for Anyone Who Loves Music
The DMI’s Unsung Hero
Ethan Burnett, Copy Editor

COVID-19 has impacted many things at DSU, and the bands involved with the DMI were hit especially hard. At the beginning of the semester, none of the student bands had enough members to perform. One student stepped in to save the day.    Junior Mason Honnoll, a 20-year-old from Columbus, Miss., has a passion for music. Honnoll started playing the guitar at the age of 10, and inherited musical...

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Sexism in Video Games
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there is nothing but a hole (and other thoughts)
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Are Video Games Art?
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Carson Wiseman: Pandemic Tutor
The Mosquito Burrito Brothers: Living Life with your Identical Twin
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The Vacation of a Lifetime
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