The Delta Statement

Under New Management

Jack Vernon, Social Media

For the first time in seven years, a man not named Jim Boone will be coaching the men's basketball team for Delta State University. Coach Mike Nienaber will take over for the Statesmen and is looking forward to the challenge of picking up right where Coach Boone left off last March.  The Delta Statement set out to interview Coach Nienaber to get an inside scoop on what the students can expect from...

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Student Transportation around Cleveland

Sarai Corker, Event Planner

Delta State University (DSU) has a lot to offer their students, but some say the campus is missing student transportation.  Not every student has a ride to get around town. Some students are left relying on friends, but friends are not always reliable.  There are many international students who attend DSU without a vehicle, and they have a hard time getting what they need because they don’t...

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Lawler-Harkins: Stairs, Stairs and More Stairs

Shamyiah Williams, Publisher

Lawler-Harkins, one of Delta State’s oldest residence dorms on campus, is a three-story building with no elevator. Lawler-Harkins’ stairs are steep and narrow with low railings which have raised questions for Delta State. Shania Mugford, a resident in Lawler-Harkins for two years, states, “I don’t feel comfortable enough to carry heavy objects up the stairs without any correct support...

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Starting a New Game on Campus

Anthony Brown, Photography/ Social Media

This semester, Delta State University (DSU) is getting a gaming club. While the semester has only just begun, the president of the new-found club Victoria Jankowski, has around 100 people, teachers and students alike, interested in the club to petition towards it’s creation.  With eight members, she quickly made headway to get all the paperwork in order after she found DSU English professor Dr....

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Satire: Democratic Rumble

Ryan Rutledge, Copy Editor

Every four years bring the most exciting wrestling match, the Royal Rumble. This year, 30 democrats will enter the match for an opportunity to face the world champion, Donald Trump. Many democrats have announced their place in the match-up this year. 18 competitors have already claimed their spot in the rumble--all of them hoping to be the last democrat left standing. Like every four years in the...

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Satire: World War Borderlands 3

Eli Inman, Copy Editor

Gearbox Studios, creators of the insanely popular video game series Borderlands, have been under fire after the recent reveal of the newest addition to the franchise, Borderlands 3.   The backlash of the community was not brought on by the game reveal but was instead sparked by the announcement that Borderlands 3 would not be coming to the monopolized digital distribution platform Steam...

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