The Delta Statement

After Rolling Forks, Miss. was hit by tornados, professionals had to work in tents.
The Mississippi Health Care Crisis
Workers in a factory in Dhaka/Bangladesh
The Real Cost of Fast Fashion: How It Hurts Workers
A good education can take you far in life.
The Value of a Good Education
Paltrow awarded $1 in countersuit over alleged ski crash
GOOP CEO’s One Dollar Win
This is, unarguably, the best way to make ramen. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.
Make-Do Kitchen: Let's Make Ramen
Meet Tamari Tateshvili, a junior student majoring in Computer Science and an exchange student hailing from Akhaltsikhe, Georgia 🌍✨
Tamari Tateshvili’s Journey sang metallic water through 
 / your lungs...
Ball Gown Scars
Da: A Journal of Delta Arts 2022-2023
Da: A Journal of Delta Arts 2022-2023