The Delta Statement

Experiencing Customer Service
Experiencing Customer Service
Rosie Ellis, Copy Editor
Cookies under soft lighting
The Best Ooey-Gooey Triple Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies Guaranteed to be Better Than Your Mother Made!
Riley Stembridge, Publisher
Execs canceled some cartoons due to concerns about appropriateness for children.
Why They Canceled Your Favorite 90s and 2000s TV Series
Things that are just not quite right tend to creep us out.
What Makes Things Creepy?
The roads are silent and nearly tranquil as you swerve through your small, church-centered town. Less than a handful of cars join yours, even though it’s not technically that late. The stoplights will turn off soon, flashing red until the sun rises.
A Fragment of Memory From a Very Long Night
Image by Fathromi Ramdlon from Pixabay.
there is nothing but a hole (and other thoughts)
Using the correct pronoun to identify someone does not have to be scary!
A Remedial Guide to Pronouns
The School of Athens by Rafael in the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican City. The School of Athens is owned by the Vatican.
Why Take Philosophy in High School?
I wanted to feel the jittering Holy Ghost electricity in my veins. I wanted to feel the chills and spine-tingling ecstasy...
Prodigals Come Home, Orphans Never Do.
Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point.
Life is Good
Colorful question mark tiles
Ask August: Dear Stupid Friend
August Lovell