The Delta Statement

Delta States Gaming Club has big plans for next year.
The Future of the Delta State Gaming Club
One the many sites of destruction in a small Rolling Fork neighborhood. Almost every house on this street was completely leveled.
Devastation in Rolling Fork
Paltrow awarded $1 in countersuit over alleged ski crash
GOOP CEO’s One Dollar Win
Watching other peoples lives captivates us--but why?
Why Do We Like To Watch Rich People on TV?
If I’m possessed by a demon, a single solitary demon, that demon’s name is Naia–she’s me.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Demons
Poets will sing from the tatters of old books, until we listen to them, and then they will go on singing.
Southern Literary Festival, More or Less
The Bloody Lollipop
I Knew Her: Blood and Sugar
Da: A Journal of Delta Arts 2022-2023
Da: A Journal of Delta Arts 2022-2023

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