The Delta Statement

Samantha Kirkhart

Samantha Kirkhart, Staff Writer

Samantha Kirkhart (she/her) is a February Aquarius and a native of South Carolina majoring in English education at Delta State. Samantha is also a lady of the Kappa Epsilon chapter Phi Mu. She is an animal lover and has become a Mississippi lover. She attributes her fun and relaxed experience at Delta State to the culture on campus. “Fun” would be Samantha’s nickname because she prioritizes having a fun time and being personable. She is compassionate about others' experiences and loves the company of all, but “judges,” with a smile of course, those that eat mint chocolate ice cream. Samantha is a part of a group of people who believe that mint chocolate is the equivalent to toothpaste. She is a cookies and cream kind of girl. Lastly, she believes in smart adventures like shopping for clothes and clearing the clearance racks first. 

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