How Social Media Affects Relationships and Reality


This is the picture of Domo’s new Youtube channel.

Relationships are important

What does a relationship mean? What makes it meaningful to have a bond or connection with another person?

A relationship can be between family, friends, associates, or romantic partners. Although there are many different types and definitions of relationships, they should always be healthy.

Some relationships can turn toxic. Some relationships suddenly lose the most important aspect: connection.

Relationship Transformation

In modern society, people are becoming comfortable in showcasing their daily lives on the internet, even their relationships., However, these social media couples are not always thinking about the long term consequences that can come with exposure. 

There are many social media relationships that mainly use Youtube as their main platform, and a small percentage of YouTubers use their romantic relationship as a source of fame or income. That particular strain on the relationship often causes hardships and problems for the couples.

Some of these couples experience abuse from their spouses or criticism from the viewers who are too invested in the Youtubers’ daily lives. 

In front of the camera, social media can portray a certain side of a relationship that might not be true. However, off-camera some of those couples hate one another, such as ex-Youtube couple Chrissy and Domo.

Chrissy and Domo

At first, Crissy and Domo seemed to be in love while balancing life with a small child and a Youtube persona. 

However, their videos consisted of many problematic activities that can strain any relationship. Common activities break up many young relationships on Youtube when they are  been taken too far.

Pranks are an example of an activity that could be harmless but could also be a sign of a toxic environment if the relationship does not have a fundamental foundation.

Domo and Crissy, unfortunately, broke up in early 2018. Domo decided to post her explanation on Youtube in the middle of 2018 as a way to inform her audience of what happens between Crissy and Domo. She posted on Youtube to explain that Crissy moved on with someone else after their break up and brought up an important issue she had to face while she was with her girlfriend Crissy.

Domo Wilson says, “[Crissy] has changed me into someone I was not. You don’t know, I had this girly aura with the hair, the nails… the style, but when Crissy and I got together, she didn’t want that. I wanted to please her. So I changed myself into someone who Crissy will be pleased with. She liked dreads… and baggy clothes, so I ended up having dreads, baggy clothes in order to impress her. So she can find me sexy…”

How Social Media Disturbs Relationships

However, YouTubers like TroyceTv explain other sides Domo and Crissy and others who made videos bashing the couple. This points out another issue going on in this situation: there are too many people in Domo and Crissy’s relationship. 

Which became another strain on their relationship. Besides pranks, another common problem that Youtube couples face is having too many people in their relationship and allowing these strangers to tell them what they should or should not do. It is becoming strenuous and predictable for the future Youtube couples who want to do the same.

Domo and Crissy are showcasing a relationship that should be kept to themselves if they didn’t want people to “comment” or judge them. It is difficult to maintain a relationship; however, it became strenuous when it includes outside sources.

This is where “relationship goals” come into play when young adults or teenagers watch Youtube couples who display their perfect side and display their problems as their relationship is falling apart. 

Relationships need to have realistic views and values.