Advancing Computers

Why It’s Important to be Aware of New Computer Technology


In recent years, technology has expanded at a rapid rate. New developments in computers and their applications have made various tasks easier and faster than they have ever been.

According to Lafayette University’s website, over the last thirty years, computers and computer programs have enabled society to develop technology such as MRI’s, GPS systems, digital photography, and more.

Everyday Living

Because of how far computers and their applications have advanced, it’s important for people to be aware of new computer technology. Many schools and jobs depend on computers, and because of this, employers need more and more people with computer knowledge for jobs.

Computer knowledge is important in almost all forms of work, from the medical field when using an MRI machine, to construction when forming blueprints.

Some schools are taking notice of this need by implementing computer learning early in education and teaching basic computer skills as early as second grade.

However, it’s not only important to know how to use computers, but also to be informed in the newest computer applications as well. Programmers frequently develop new applications for computers, many of which people use on a daily basis.

Recent Advancements

Serverless computing, for example, has developed over the past year. Applications such as the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud use serverless computing programming to base need by usage. These programs do not require development and management of servers to deploy code.

Schools often benefit from these programs through the ability to store information and access it across devices. Serverless programs allocate a certain amount of storage for free to users. Users can pay a monthly fee for additional storage.

Technology and Delta State’s Coronavirus Response

Other computer programs have made a major impact recently. Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19,  schools across the country have shut down for the remainder of the semester. Faculty must accommodate in order to teach students remotely.

One of the main computer programs schools have used to maneuver around this issue is Zoom. A conference and webinar computer program, Zoom allows a host to hold video-based meetings with up to 100 other users.

Many DSU professors and administrators used this technology for the first time the week before classes resumed online. 

Several classes are still facing technical difficulties due to the sudden shift with video glitches and delayed meeting setup. 

Staying up to date with computers would help schools and students better prepare for this in the future. 

Because computer technology is heavily integrated into everyday living, staying up to date on technology is important.