The Delta Statement

“Death is a mystery, and burial is a secret.” – Stephen King, “Pet Sematary”

Ghosts on Campus

Justin Porter, Literary Journal February 25, 2022
This campus holds secrets behind the harmless cover of everyday life. Haunted dormitories, Ouija boards, curious and terrified students and unbelievable circumstances are the center of these stories.
Girl sitting down with a stressed expression

COVID-19 and the Counseling Center

Chelsea Bryan, Copy Editor February 23, 2022

Odds are you or a classmate have experienced some form of stress, anxiety or depression due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sadly, many students choose to not come forward and ask for help during these times...


Delta State Could Use Major Gen-Z-ification

Canderrian Brown, Social Media February 21, 2022

The Bologna Performing Arts Center has a legacy of fulfilling the entertainment needs of the Delta. But what happens when the dependable formula has run its course? Ranging from theatrical performances,...

Russian T-72B3 main battle tanks drive during drills held by the armed forces of the Southern Military District at the Kadamovsky range in the Rostov region, Russia January 27, 2022. REUTERS/Sergey Pivovarov

Tensions in Ukraine Continue to Rise

Harrison Seeley, Literary Journal February 18, 2022

The Gathering Storm Approximately 136,000 Russian troops have moved near the Ukrainian border. The troops, including more than 30,000 in Belarus, have begun building staging grounds and field hospitals,...

makeup as history and art

Makeup as a Form of Art

Rosie Ellis, Copy Editor February 18, 2022

We think of makeup as a product we put on our faces. The truth is, makeup as art, and it has a long history. Cosmetics have been around for over 6,000 years.  According to the article “When Did We...

Logo of the campus pantry.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

Justin Anderson, Publisher February 16, 2022

College students are under an immense amount of stress. We have to juggle school, work and a social life. Students are also attempting to figure out what to do after graduation. These issues can cause...

Absolute Dream or Total Disaster?

When We Were Young: Disaster Or Dream?

Jay Loper, Copy Editor February 16, 2022

The idea of a new alternative music festival almost immediately captured an audience, but concerns about high prices and safety have many fans concerned. Nearly four years after the end of Warped Tour,...

A group of fraternity men

Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Their Philanthropy

Lauren Harvey, Copy Editor February 15, 2022

Correction: "Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Their Philanthropy" has been edited to include social media links to DSU's National Pan Hellenic Council fraternities. People think the only thing fraternities do...

Notebook page with a heart drawn in it reads: Be you; Love Youself

From Your Valentine

Alexis Rodgers, Literary Journal February 14, 2022

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! There is much more to the holiday than candy and cards. Along with the incredible history behind Valentine’s Day, there are ways to celebrate without a significant...

A student puts his head in his hands in frustration

Professor’s Perspective on Stress

Collin Crosby, Literary Jounral February 14, 2022

In the case of college students, stress can build up due to many different reasons whether it be class load, grades, work-life balance, etc. The COVID pandemic has not helped this either.  What Can Be...

Downtown Cleveland, Miss.

Kicking COVID-19: How Cleveland is Rising from the Grave

Joanna Johnson, Publisher May 7, 2021

Cleveland is finally getting back on its feet after last year’s pandemic outbreak. DSU students now have the freedom to enjoy their college years in a safe and risk-free way. The town and campus have...

COVID-19 Cant Stop DSU’s Students!

COVID-19 Can’t Stop DSU’s Students!

Skylar Andrews, Copy Editor April 28, 2021

The Pandemic has affected many lives since March of 2020, including those at Delta State University. Delta State’s students are managing with the presence of COVID-19 despite the strict guidelines.  There...