Behind the Scenes of Party Planning Ft. Jennifer Armstrong Delta Party Rental LLC.


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How the Business Began

Jennifer Armstrong, founder and creator of Delta Party Rental LLC in Cleveland, Miss., is a determined, hard working entrepreneur who loves to make people happy. 

Her business first began out of her home. She owned several beautiful party items that people loved to use often. One day, the idea struck her.

Armstrong remembers thinking, all those years ago, “I bet I could make money doing this!”

Her business continued to grow from her garage, to a storage unit, to her very own building,  over the span of four years. She is now the face of the ever-growing rental store, Delta Party Rental LLC.

The Planning Process

Seeing people come back to my business again and again is what keeps me going.

— Jennifer Armstrong

Armstrong believes that planning an event begins with several components. She starts the process by making a list of tasks for her employees to check off. Next comes scheduling. 

“You must make sure there are no conflicting events within the desired date and time,” she says. 

From there, she explains, it’s important to establish a budget, find a venue, develop a theme or select colors and styles and account for the amount of guests attending. 

Plenty of work and effort go into setting up for an event at a venue. Armstrong says that the set up service really depends on what the client wants.

“If they want us to decorate, then we coordinate and decorate within the themes, styles and colors chosen for the client,” Armstrong explains.

Armstrong and her employees also put out the tables and linen, set up pipe sets, hang the associating drapes from the pipe sets and coordinate many kinds of lighting.

Who? What? When?

Armstrong works with several “big name companies” in Cleveland. To name a few, she has coordinated events for The Grammy Museum, Delta State Univ., The Cotton House, The Warehouse and  H-Squared. “We even work with people outside of Cleveland, like Crawdads out in Merigold,” she says. 

Delta Party Rental is well known for doing events like weddings and rehearsal dinners. They are less known for their smaller accomplishments like sweet 16 birthday parties and high school dances. 

In 2021, Delta Party Rental was a part of the coordination of the local Fireman’s Ball. This year, Armstrong is collaborating with others in town to do the Charity Ball.

Wrapping up

Armstrong says that the desire to provide great customer service keeps her going on the hard days. She refers to herself as a, “people pleaser” and takes great pride in making her clients happy. 

“Seeing people come back to my business again and again is what keeps me going,” she finishes.