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October Fest

October Fest

October 23, 2016

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

October 19, 2016

There has been plenty of talk about the upcoming presidential election. The candidates Donald J. Trump and Hilary Clinton have been receiving critical and supportive feedback from people all across the world. Both candidates have attempted to reach out to younger voters through various publicity stunts and activities. For ...

The Last of a Dying Breed

The Last of a Dying Breed

October 16, 2016

Every graduating senior, whether in college or high school, has foregone what is called “senioritis”. According to, senioritis is the crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. If I may add to that definition, it also strikes college students such as myself. The website also stated symptoms on...

Photo by Jimmieria Chillis

Remorseful Rage

September 15, 2016

I cannot speak now; Civility is at rest. quiet is no more Desire revealed the Silence ever prevails-- quieted Restraint  

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September 13, 2016

Throughout the week, I'm a full time student and part time worker. Also, I dedicate some weekends working part time at the lone skating rink in town called Spinners. Ice cream is one of the many items you can purchase at Spinners. Flavors shown in the image: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies & Cream. Reno...

Westfall Combines Okra Scholars and FYS with Peer Mentors

Westfall Combines Okra Scholars and FYS with Peer Mentors

Avery Wall, Copy Editor

September 13, 2016

Dr. Jon Westfall, coordinator of First Year Seminar (FYS) and Okra Scholars, changed both programs for the better. He recently created an established role for the peer mentors in the classrooms of incoming freshmen. “The biggest change that we’re doing this year,” he said, “is thinking about how to use the program to...

Julia Morrisroe Art Exhibit Opens

Julia Morrisroe Art Exhibit Opens

September 13, 2016

  ulia Morrisroe, an associate professor at the University of Florida, was the featured artist at Delta State’s own campus gallery. The exhibition was opened on Aug. 25. According to Morrisroe’s summary of her work, the goal in this particular exhibition is “to seek the relentlessly streaming information and d...

Photo of Marines by Hannah Kistemaker

United States Marine Corps Partners with Delta State GIT Program

September 12, 2016

“This program is the first of its kind,” says Chris Smith, the program manager in the Center for Interdisciplinary Geospatial Information Technologies at Delta State University. Delta State University partnered with the United States Marine Corps this school year. This program was created in order to not only benefit Del...

Photographer: Najawon Wilson

Buzz Surrounding GRAMMY Museum Mississippi

March 4, 2016

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the grand opening of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi which opens, Saturday March 5, in Cleveland, Mississippi. DSU student and member of DMI ALL-Stars, Brennan Barham, is more than excited for the museum. Barham said today has been a very busy day getting ready for the opening ceremonies. "There...

Photo of Delta Music Institute Students

DMI Students Travel to D.C.

March 3, 2016

Delta Music Institute (DMI) students were selected to attend an educational workshop at the nation's capital. The workshop was titled "The History of Gospel Music." The workshop is part of the "Performance at the White House" series. This opportunity was given through the partnership of Delta State and the GRAMMY Museum...

Greenlight: Jonathan Westfall

Photo of Jon Westfall

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer

March 3, 2016

Dr. Jonathan Westfall, is an assistant professor for Psychology and Coordinator for First Year Seminar at Delta State University. Westfall joined the DSU psychology faculty in Fall 2014. “I chose Delta State because I could tell it was a school where teaching and interacting with students was the number one priority,"...

Photo of Anna Claire Stokes,

IFC Fundraiser for Anna Claire Stokes

March 2, 2016

This past week, Feb. 22 -26, the Inner Fraternal Council (IFC) found a lot of Greek merchandise in the student life office and decided to put it to good use. The Greek merchandise found, belongs to the Kappa Sigma, Kappa Alpha, and Phi Mu Alpha organizations. The IFC wanted to put the proceeds from the table towards helping...