Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

There has been plenty of talk about the upcoming presidential election. The candidates Donald J. Trump and Hilary Clinton have been receiving critical and supportive feedback from people all across the world. Both candidates have attempted to reach out to younger voters through various publicity stunts and activities.

For example, Democratic presidential nominee Clinton uses social media. She tweets phrases such as “pants suit game strong” and “just chilling.” Trump, on the other hand, receives support by being emotional and brutally honest.

According to CBS News correspondent, Nancy Cordes, young voters typically lean Democratic, but only 17 percent of voters under 30 say they’re enthusiastic about voting this year. This seems to be the case for Delta State students as well.

Arkeirya Swift, a sophomore digital media arts major, said she doesn’t have a stance on the political election. “I don’t really care for politics, I know nothing about politics, and I don’t want to learn anything about politics,” she said. “People say the elections are going to affect me but indirectly. I think that either way this election goes, we’re out of luck.”

She added that she is not registered to vote and she doesn’t care to register to vote.

James Mattic, a social work major, feels that with this particular election he has to pick the lesser of two evils. “I just feel like neither of the candidates should be in office, and if I had to pick a candidate, it would be Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is nowhere near qualified to be president.”

Mattic is a registered voter in Greenville county and plans on voting for the upcoming election in November.

“I think both of the candidates are extremely stupid. One is just dumber than the other,” Laren Fairley, a football player, said. He believes that Clinton is the less stupid candidate and he will be voting for her as the next president of the United States.

Shaniqua Jones is a junior in Social Work. Jones is also not a fan of politics, but she believes we are getting the worse of two evils and we have to pick our poison. “You have to find the candidate that fits your needs, and one thing that people do wrong in elections is that they vote for the entire party: Democratic or Republic.”

“The cabinet members are the ones you need to be worried about not the election party. If we’re scared about a change that’s going to happen in America, we need to start locally. What happens here, determines what happens in D.C.” Jones said. She also added that she’s voting for Hillary because Hillary is not Trump.

The upcoming presidential election is the talk of nearly every conversation. Esteban Ricardez said that it’s all just a big joke and he made a drinking game for the presidential debate. Every time someone lies you take a drink. “After the first five minutes, I was drunk and begging for the candidates to stop.”

Although it seems there isn’t a worthy candidate worthy of becoming the president, you should still get out and vote. Find out information about each candidate. Let your voice be heard and go out to vote on Nov. 8, 2016.