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New Security

New Security

Jalisa Thomas, Social Media March 5, 2019

Have you been to a Walmart recently where this huge solar panel is in the middle of the parking lot? Some people may see this device, and they think it is a solar panel. Those are not solar panels. They...

About the BSU

About the BSU

Bugg Davis October 22, 2016

What is the BSU? The Delta Statement is here to help you find out. The short acronym stands for Baptist Student Union and is classified as a religious extracurricular activity for Delta State’s students....

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

Penny Bedford October 19, 2016

There has been plenty of talk about the upcoming presidential election. The candidates Donald J. Trump and Hilary Clinton have been receiving critical and supportive feedback from people all across the...

Student Organizations Hosts Social Injustices Forum

Student Organizations Hosts Social Injustices Forum

Jimmieria Chillis October 18, 2016

On Oct. 6, 2016 at 3:30 p.m., student organizations and leaders hosted a forum on social injustices in America. Leading this open conversation were representatives from the African American Student Council,...

The Last of a Dying Breed

The Last of a Dying Breed

Aallyah Wright October 16, 2016

Every graduating senior, whether in college or high school, has foregone what is called “senioritis”. According to, senioritis is the crippling disease that strikes high school...

Screenshot of the actual #chalkening

Pro-Trump “Chalkening” Hits DSU Campus

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 8, 2016

Students across college campuses have participated in "#thechalkening" challenge in support of Donald Trump. It started when students at Emory University wrote "Trump 2016" on their campus sidewalk...

Photo taken of the Greek letters on the Quadrangle at DSU,

Greek Week is in Full Effect

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer April 5, 2016

Greek Week will be held April 4-9. It is sponsored by the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC or The Pan), and the Offices of Student Life and Multicultural...

Photo from

Scheduled Events for Greek Week

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer April 5, 2016

Sponsored by IFC, Panhellenic, and NPHC In conjunction with the Offices of Student Life and Multicultural Affairs Sunday, April 3 Chapters are encouraged to place their letters on the DSU Quadrangle.  Monday,...

Cleveland Hall Floods due to Leaky Roofs

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 4, 2016

Cleveland Hall experienced a leak that transpired into flooding over Spring Break. During the week of March 7 through 11, Cleveland, Miss., and surrounding areas sustained heavy flooding that resulted...

Photo of Tori McDonald


Tori McDonald March 31, 2016

They make everything rattle. I was glad Abel never played one, or I'd have gotten a headache every time we were together. They rattled the kick drum at the slightest little pluck. Or maybe it was the drums...



Ashley Martin March 31, 2016

“You heard about the murders in that town, right?  The one two districts over.” They talked a lot here, he’d noticed.  Idle gossip for the most part, but it was enough to distract his raw fingers...

Photo of J.Fred Knobloch at the Thacker Mountain Radio Show at DSU.

Guest at Delta Music Institute Hits Sour Note

The Delta Statement Staff March 31, 2016

Being in a room where you are uncertain of your surroundings can make anyone uncomfortable. Picture being in a room and things don’t go as planned or the scene wasn’t what you expected. The room...