New Security


Have you been to a Walmart recently where this huge solar panel is in the middle of the parking lot? Some people may see this device, and they think it is a solar panel. Those are not solar panels. They are security devices.

The Walmart Corporation is installing these devices in the parking lot of their stores to keep down the crime. In this year alone, over two-hundred crimes have occurred in Walmarts around the globe.
Police officers cannot be everywhere at one time, so the installation of these devices will help with keeping crime down. The Walmart in Cleveland, Miss. is one of few other stores who have yet to install the security devices.

Many people have been in a store and have seen someone shoplifting, but nothing is done about it because no security is around. People come out of the stores with baskets full of items, but some of the items are not paid for. These new security cams can help Walmart with situations like that one.

After interviewing a few citizens of Cleveland, Miss., they are awaiting the arrival of the security devices in Walmart’s parking lot. Chanel McClure, a citizen of Cleveland stated, “The new security devices would be great because we have a lot of shoplifters and fighters that hang out in the parking lot. The cameras will pick of unlawful things in the lot.

We need to put down the guns and stop shoplifting because some people actually get out here and work hard!”
Some people may think that it is over the top, and one of Cleveland’s citizens, Karmen Jude, is against the new security cams in the parking lot. Karmen stated, “I think that it is creepy for someone to be paying attention to everything that I do while I am coming out of the grocery store. People can use this as a way to spy on us or set-up an attack against anyone in the parking lot.”

Some people are afraid that it will be a way for authorities to spy, but it will really help the police find a way to have eyes on everything at all times.

Walmart’s current idea to help fight crime is a way to stop these violent crimes. What better way to stop the crime than to have a huge “solar panel” watching over the parking lot.