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The news isnt what it used to be!

Why Are Cable News Networks Dying?

Charlie Lott, Social Media March 30, 2023

Most millennials and Gen Xers get their news from a conventional news anchor on large networks owned by massive corporations. However, networks like Fox News, CNN and MSNBC are experiencing a drop in viewership...

Dont know what to listen to? Spotify might be able to tell you.

Spotify’s Crazy-Smart Algorithm

Emily Saucier, Copy Editor March 2, 2022

In the past ten years or so, Spotify has risen to be one of the top streaming services on the market. The platform provides users with a near-endless amount of music and podcasts. But it's not just Spotify's...

College Students: Dealing With Homesickness

College Students: Dealing With Homesickness

Jalisa Thomas and Verity Poglayen April 22, 2019

Everyone goes off to college with a plan, but for some students, homesickness can interrupt their desired plans.  When the student begins to miss the warmth of being home around family and friends; it...

It is easy to feel lost when there is nothing to turn you in the right direction.

Get Lost

Erika Coleman, Copy Editor April 10, 2019
Many students without maps say that their main problem is that they didn’t know how to get, or who to ask for, one.
Trump Declares National Emergency to Avoid Another Shutdown

Trump Declares National Emergency to Avoid Another Shutdown

Jonathan Boles, Photography March 23, 2019

Since the government shutdown earlier this year, politicians on Capitol Hill have been struggling to come to an agreement over Trump’s fund proposal to build the wall on the southern border, but it turns...

Public spaces are required by law to have disability accessible entrances--but many are not as accessible as you might think.

Disability Accessibility

Kjirsten Whitsell, Editor in Chief March 6, 2019

Delta State University has a small student population, with a very small percentage of those students having a disability. This small percentage leads to DSU not having all the resources to help that other,...

New Security

New Security

Jalisa Thomas, Social Media March 5, 2019

Have you been to a Walmart recently where this huge solar panel is in the middle of the parking lot? Some people may see this device, and they think it is a solar panel. Those are not solar panels. They...

The Cyber Yard Bully: The Bully Who is Ending Young Lives

The Cyber Yard Bully: The Bully Who is Ending Young Lives

Jasmine McGill, Photography December 3, 2018

As of February, 15 of this year there were approximately 18 school shootings that occurred in the United States. Since then, that number has rapidly increased and there have been several more unfortunate...

Delta State University

Delta State Faculty Votes to Remove State Flag

Nick Houston, New Media Specialist September 12, 2016

Tuesday evening, August 30, 2016, Delta State University became the last public University in the state of Mississippi to fly the state flag after Mississippi University for Women and Mississippi State...

Flyer from the Delta State University website.

Preparing for Go Green Weekend

Rebecca Carroll, Staff Writer March 28, 2016

Go Green Weekend will be held on April 1-3. It will be the third annual Go Green Weekend at Delta State. Director of Recruiting, Caitlyn Thompson said Go Green Weekend’s name "encompasses many of...

In the picture of the booth from left to right are Matthew Graham, Emily Hercules, and Amanda Lutz. Photos are of the booth, volunteers working the booth, and pictures from Paw Prints

Saving Paw Prints

Katherine White, Staff Writer February 11, 2016

The music fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon held a fundraiser from Jan. 25 through Jan. 29, to help raise money and awareness for the no kill shelter Paw Prints. Mu Phi Epsilon had a booth set up in the Student...