The Delta Statement

Kjirsten Whitsell

Kjirsten Whitsell, Editor-in-Chief

Kjirsten Whitsell is a senior here at Delta State University. She has been a part of The Delta Statement for three semesters. Kjirsten’s hometown is Grenada, Miss., but she has been attending Delta State for the past three years. She is currently studying English and history. Kjirsten has hopes of doing grad school in Ireland (a country she has a deep love for) after she finishes at Delta State. She has several hobbies, which include drawing, embroidering and writing. When asked what are her proudest works published in the newspaper were, she stated that she prefers her short stories over her articles. Kjirsten’s zodiac sign is Taurus, so be wary of those horns and her strong will!

- bio by Hannah Roberson

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