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I am a tumbleweed

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Lost in the winds

of the gyre inside

my mind…

Ever tightening

never ending




                I go senseless

beaten and battered

my thoughts are

like a noose spiraling–

every thought another

breath stolen

                River Styx pulling me…

                                tired of fighting

                tired of trying

running in circles–

never getting away–

perpetually wandering

in the maze of my mind

“Just don’t worry.”

                Useless advice

attacking from

every side

round and round

life support being sucked

away–this whirlwind has

kidnapped me and I

struggle against the

restraints just to get a

                moment of peace

                                if this monster

                was easy to control

my mind wouldn’t be















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About the Writer
Kjirsten Whitsell, Editor In Chief

Kjirsten Whitsell is a 5th year senior at Delta State University, and is originally from Holcomb, Mississippi. She started reading at the age of four and fell in love with the aspects of literature. From there on that ultimately developed her dream to work for a publishing company once out of college. Kjirsten also has two tattoos. The one on her right shoulder she got from Dublin, Ireland where she mentioned she would one day live because that is where she felt most at home, even without any Irish roots. She loves to read and write in different languages, has a hearing aid in both ears, and is a part of the writing center on campus after one of her professors recommended her.

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