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Jasmine McGill

Jasmine McGill, Social Media

Jasmine McGill is one energetic Lady Statesmen.

A sophomore in pursuit of an English degree; complemented by a concentration in philosophy, and residing in Memphis, Tenn., Jasmine chose Delta State University (DSU) as the place to leave her footprints. She applies her skills on and off the soccer field, holding the title of a Top Four Athlete in DSU soccer history and having been deemed Athlete of the Week twice in her freshman year. She also served on the Photography Committee of The Delta Statesmen during the fall semester of 2018. This semester, Jasmine has returned to the Publication Workshop to pour her efforts into the Social Media Department. In the words of Jasmine McGill, towards all of her many accomplishments, “What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.”


-- Bio by Hollie Williams

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