College Students: Dealing With Homesickness

Although homesickness is hard to deal with, here are some tips to help.


Everyone goes off to college with a plan, but for some students, homesickness can interrupt their desired plans.  When the student begins to miss the warmth of being home around family and friends; it can be difficult to adjust to a new environment.

Moving away from home for college seems like a great idea when you are in high school. The effects it can have on you may not be worth it.

Many DSU students from the Delta area  go home on the weekends to see their family.

Home sickness can have an impact on academics, being lonely can lead to feeling a sort of depression. “When I begin to miss home, I always sit and watch snapchat memories on my phone,” says sophomore Hannah Brooks. “Even though I only live a few hours away it still gets in the way of my school work because I feel unmotivated” Brooks.

As students get ready to go to college, some students are ready to get away from home to have their freedom, but when they get there, they realize how much they really miss home. “Sometimes, I just think back to when I had a nice cooked home meal every night and realize I took the food and love for granted” Sydney Roberts.

Adjusting your life when getting to college takes a toll on all students in one way or another.

Although homesickness is hard to deal with, here are some tips to help:


Make New Friends!

Some students come to college without their friends, and this causes homesickness, but making new friends can make the college experience go smoother.

According to an article by the US News, an increasing number of students, 38.8%, said they spend less than five hours each week with friends, while just 18% said they spend more than 16 hours weekly with friends.

By making new friends, opens doors for students who are homesick to feel more comfortable being away from home.

Go to Campus Events!

Going to campus events can get homesick students more engaged, and by going to these events, students get a sense of unity by being with their peers.

Instead of sitting in the dorm, go to a sports event, game night, movie night, the library or anywhere where other students are actively engaged.

Make Your Dorm Room Look Like Home!

Decorating your dorm room like your home bedroom can be a help with dealing with the homesickness, giving a sense of relief that can make you feel like you are really at home. Being able to switch up your dorm room gives you the feeling that people get when they move into a new home.

A lot of people are excited, and they get a refresher and new beginning. Homesickness is a disease that can ruin a college experience, but by doing these things, that feeling can be cured and make the college experience something better.