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Stress of Student Life

Stress of Student Life

April 10, 2019

The amount of stress I was accumulating from school, work, and bills was wearing on my mental and emotional stability, and this overly optimistic thinking was causing me to ignore that fact.

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March 29, 2019

College education has been pushed on the public as the only way to have a “good life” for the past few decades. This big push for education began in the 60s-70s era and has shown extensive staying power.      As a result, the government was forced to supply funding for colleges. In turn, this caused inflation in tuition prices over the past two decades.      According to statistics r...

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

Students Voice Their Opinion About Upcoming Election

October 19, 2016

There has been plenty of talk about the upcoming presidential election. The candidates Donald J. Trump and Hilary Clinton have been receiving critical and supportive feedback from people all across the world. Both candidates have attempted to reach out to younger voters through various publicity stunts and activities. For ...

Photo of J.Fred Knobloch at the Thacker Mountain Radio Show at DSU.

Guest at Delta Music Institute Hits Sour Note

March 31, 2016

Being in a room where you are uncertain of your surroundings can make anyone uncomfortable. Picture being in a room and things don’t go as planned or the scene wasn’t what you expected. The room was crowded and filled with white faces with only three faces of color among them. The performer captured the attention of every...