The Delta Statement

Kenesia Murphy

Kenesia Murphy, Social Media Manager

Kenesia Murphy is a sophomore here at Delta State, and she is from Tutwiler, Mississippi but currently resides in Southaven, Mississippi. Kenesia is an English Education major. She says that “seeing minorities in the education system and giving them equal opportunities” is what inspired her to choose this path. She also says that she wants to “inspire and motivate young children in the world.” While she is not involved in any on campus organizations, Kenesia is a member of The Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement.  Some goals that Kenesia wishes to achieve in the next five years are to graduate with honors, start her career, become more financially stable and travel more. She likes listening to R&B music and she finds that it motivates her. One person that Kenesia looks up to is her grandmother who “always has faith and stands her ground” no matter what. Kenesia’s great grandmother sadly passed. Even though this was such a hard thing to overcome, she says that being able to overcome it has made her stronger. She says that even though she was at her lowest, she had to continue being strong and becoming the best person that she could to make her great grandmother proud.

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