Experiencing Customer Service


Anyone like me working in customer service has that one period of time where customers test our patience. Sometimes it’s in a good way, but other times, it can be in the worst way ever. 

I have always wondered why the saying, “The customer is always right,” became a thing when, personally, I can say they’re not. Usually, they are able to get away with things because we either want to keep our jobs or it’s not worth it. 

On one particular day, one customer did their worst, and I finally responded.

The Hair Store: Part One

It was a normal day in the hair store where I put up wigs, restock braiding hair, and make sure the store is zoned. 

This lady comes in around two in the afternoon, and I say, “Hey, how are you? Do you need some assistance today?” 

The first thing she says is, “I haven’t even been in the store for three minutes and you are already asking me if I need help. Can I at least look, (insert curse word here)?” 

I apologize and say, “Yes, you can, and it’s common for us to greet the customers as they enter the store.” 

She proceeds to have an attitude the entire time she is in the store, and she also keeps making slight threats to the person she is on the phone with. 

I politely say, “Ma’am I never did anything to you besides greet you. I never had an issue with you–I am simply trying to do my job at the end of the day.” 

Of course, she couldn’t say anything because it was the truth. In the end, she left, and I never saw her again. 

The Hair Store: Part Two

There’s another occasion at the hair store three weeks after that one incident. This older woman came in and called out my name multiple times, which actually sort of hurt my feelings.

I’m nice to her throughout her whole visit in the store. She later comes back and claims that the wig she bought isn’t the wig she wanted. She proceeds to insult my boss and my other co- worker by calling out their names (insert three words here). 

Before she leaves, she claims she is a “Christian of God,” but in the same sentence she curses my boss.

I finally respond, “Have a blessed day,” with a smile on my face.

Moral of the Story: Be Nice to People

Despite all the trouble she caused, I was so happy she left. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

This goes to show that some people do not respect those who work in customer service. I worked at that hair store for a total of three years, which is a while, and I’m currently working in customer service at a Chinese restaurant. To this very day, I meet rude customers who think they are entitled to say and do whatever they please. That’s not always the case, but I still see them.

I feel that some people need to take a step back and look in the mirror to see how their actions and attitude affect others.