Students Share Thoughts On Welcome Week

Welcome week is an event held once a year to help new students get integrated in campus life at Delta State. I decided to interview a few students to find out their thoughts on this year’s Welcome Week.

Senior Digital Media Arts Major, Ebony Lumas:

What events did you participate in?

“I don’t think that I went to many events, but if I recall there was the one of the movie. We were watching “The Legend of Tarzan” screening at the quad, Kappa Pi had a meeting, and the opening gallery for the Art Department.”

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

“Most of the events that I participated in were more improved than last year’s and it was pretty fun.”

Is there anything that you would have changed?

“With Welcome Week, if they could have an event where almost everybody could participate in. Since most people couldn’t participate in the major events because of the timing of their schedules. There was one event at night and I have a night class. So, I wish they would have had it earlier or at least during a weekend.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“It’d be nice if there was a Welcome Week field trip of some sort. That’d be pretty cool.”


Junior Graphic Design Major, Adam Green:

What did you get to attend?

“Welcome Week has always been a good thing for the new freshmen and sophomores, or juniors who have transferred to Delta State. Being a resident assistant (RA) at Blancett Hall. Mainly the things we had to do was decorate the dorm for the parents and to show that we can do anything and everything their child might need while they stay here.”

What did you think? What was your favorite part?

“The most fun thing we have had during Welcome Week is the foam party. That’s where mostly everybody comes and goes and gets involved in all the foam. A piece of advice: do not take any electronics with you. That is a bad idea. People have lost phones several times.”

Is there anything that you saw in previous Welcome Weeks that you wish they would have brought back? Or wish they wouldn’t have brought back?

“They really have done the same thing every year usually. I think the new thing that they did was the movie on the quad, but something they could have done different was try to get more students out of the dorms. You put flyers up and stuff, but try to get the students to read the flyers and not put so much information on it at one time. Like break it up into sections. That way they’ll actually want to read it. And actually make it seem like it’s fun.”

If you were the coordinator for Welcome Week, are there any event(s) you would have added or anything new you would have done?

“Since there are a lot of video games on campus I think we should do a video game tournament, but with more than 25-30 people. Like Baptist Student Union, or BSU, does sometimes. They usually do video game tournaments every two or three months.”

What advice do you have for freshmen?

“Well to the freshmen: do not stay in your room. That is the one thing you do not need to do. At first, I stayed in my room, but after a while I realized that it’s more fun being out of your room. Because you’ll get to experience different things, meet different people, and learn new things about yourself.


Sophomore Nutrition Major, Khyla Grant:

What did you attend at Welcome Week and what were your thoughts?

“I went to the foam party and “The Legend of Tarzan” movie. The foam party had a lot of foam and I had a nice time with friends. I heard that the foam party was better last year. I didn’t go to the last one, but this one was pretty cool.

“I had already seen the movie during the summer so it wasn’t really surprising, but it was awesome to have an outdoors theater because people really don’t do that anymore. It kind of reminded me of a drive-thru theater. It was great other than the mosquitos.”

Is there anything you wish they had done differently or changed?

“I would have saved it for the weekend cause that’s when most people take their breaks. You still do your homework and everything, but it’s like a time to separate from work.”

Are there any events you would add?

“I do like the laser tag we had last time. That was pretty fun.”


Senior Early Childhood Education and Development Major, Christine Councell-Quick:

What did you attend at Welcome Week and what were your thoughts?

“I think the movie was awesome. I enjoyed it a lot especially since I hadn’t seen that movie before. The Crafts and Knick-Knacks had less of a selection than last year. However, they weren’t specific on where it was and it was kind of hidden back behind the Union. So, at first, I couldn’t figure out where it was. And then they only had three things to do. Whereas last year they had the airbrush tattoos, the license plates, and road signs.”

Was there anything from previous years that you would have brought back or wish they hadn’t brought back?

“I know a lot of people enjoyed the laser tag, and I think, they had a water park at some point in the week but I wasn’t able to attend because of my class schedule. They had more signs up for what was going on each day in previous years. So, it was more obvious of what was going on and where.

“This time around, it wasn’t very obvious, there wasn’t very much and there weren’t that many people who got to attend because of the timing and the placements.”

What would you have changed about this Welcome Week?

“I would have had more signs to show where it was, and instead of having it for a few hours each different day, they should have broken it up for people to attend throughout the day. Work on the scheduling. For example, Thursdays and throughout Fridays then all day on weekend.”

If you could add an event to Welcome Week what would you add?

“That’s hard because so far I’ve enjoyed the Welcome Weeks they’ve had. I would have liked having the airbrush tattoos again. They’ve also had caricatures done before, too, so I probably would have brought that back. Then I would keep the movie on the quad cause that was fun.”


Junior Biology, Pre- Vet, and Environmental Science Wildlife Management Major Andraia Johnson:

What events did you get to go to this Welcome Week and what were your thoughts?

“I went to the Knick-Knack thing they had at the Union, I went to the foam party, and “The Legend of Tarzan” movie. I didn’t like the foam party because it was different from the previous years. I’ve been to the last two before, and I guess I didn’t like the different set up for it this year. It didn’t seem to be as ‘foamy’ as the previous two.”

Are there any events you would have added?

“I wish there was more concern for time because a lot of people were in classes during times they had scheduled the events. Things they could add are a raffle.”

Do you have any additional commentary?

“Get to know people. That’s always a good thing to do. Expand your horizons. Find a balance between the work and the fun. That’s the thing you have to find a balance in. If you can’t find a balance you’re out of luck. College is about having fun and getting an education. College is where you meet lifelong friends and help you get a job in the future.

“So, being in your room is not really the best thing to do because you won’t get network of people. You won’t get to know anybody who’s the same age as you. You won’t talk to the teachers who can a be a great help and all that. Take advantage of everything you can take advantage of.”