DSU: Diversity University

An Interview with Sung-Eun Ryu

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DSU: Diversity University

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Delta State is popping with culture as students come from all over the world to experience life at DSU. Most of us are used to hearing of people coming to the U.S. or even to Delta State to expand their horizons and learn new things, but what exactly can we, as Statesmen, learn from them?

One of our own, Sung-Eun Ryu, an international exchange student from South Korea, gave The Delta Statement some insight on life as an international student as well as a few handy tips, Statesman to Statesman.

Ryu came to Delta State because she “wanted to attend an American university,” and her “high school music teacher recommended DSU.”

When asked what the biggest difference here was from back home, she responded with, “English. English is hard. And food! I miss my country’s food!” DSU students can only imagine the adjustment to Southern food and sweet tea.

When asked what things she considered normal that we do not do here, Ryu responded, “We have to respect older people. Even if a person is one year older than me, I have to respect them, because they are my elder.”

The Statement asked Ryu about things she has back home that she thinks we should have here. Ryu’s answer was simple: “Chopsticks!”

Ryu’s advice to Statesmen to improve international students’ experience is to “feel free to be friends with international students. So many people feel it awkward to be friends with international students, but I believe that all people are the same.”

Something that we can all learn from Sung-Eun Ryu: be open and inviting to people, no matter their race, nationality, or cultural background. DSU can be an inviting home for anyone seeking to become international Okra.

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