Preparing for the Worst:  Hurricane Irma

Looking Hurricane Irma in the Eye


Hurricane Irma has been one the most devastating natural disasters to ever hit South Florida, flooding the homes of millions. With this tragedy, it has left residents wondering where will they stay and how they will start a new life.

After advancing storm power in the Pacific Ocean for nearly a week, Hurricane Irma lunged itself into South Florida with full force—bringing coastal floodings, unimaginable rainfall, beach erosion, travel disruption, and power outages.

Hurricane Irma made history for most devastating natural disaster to hit South Florida. With winds reaching over one-hundred miles per hour, more than five-hundred fifty homes were wiped out during the calamity.

Along with destruction of millions of homes, portions of main interstate, I-4 west near SR- 434, was completely washed out due to Hurricane Irma. Furthermore, Floridians prepared for the worst as Hurricane Irma slowly approached the coast with violence.

Florida residents packed food, water, and other necessities—keeping high hopes for shelter from the storm, while others migrated towards North Florida to surpass the storm. Due to such large numbers of storm victims, some even left the state to become more confident of their safety.

Officials report that Hurricane Irma took the lives of forty-two people, with several still missing. Thankfully, one-hundred forty-nine Florida residents were rescued from this disaster.

Once Irma passed, residents of Florida came together and began the lengthy clean-up process. The state has been assisted by many volunteers and service workers through this devastation. Thoughts and prayers go out to all families facing hardship from Hurricane Irma.

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