Here I Sit


Here I Sit

as the jay bird beckons from a distance that makes his sweet song barely audible.

Wind kisses my arms and legs, with her sweet lips she brings cool

Air that rushes over you. Leaving your body replenished from the smoldering heat.

Sunlight pours over the roof of the house casting down its glory onto the earth for all to bare.

Thankfully the porch saves me from too much glory.

It is unwise to give man too much glory.

Grass barrier separates the edge of civilization and the beaten path.

The light green mixes with dark and brings beauty and comfort.

Each blade of grass softly tickling your skin.

Bare feet stain the grass with tracks after a long night’s rain.

Beautiful white rows of cotton roll until they embrace the horizon.

Big baby blue colors meet darker shades as the sky rises

White bundles of cotton candy paint the blue with images.

Birds flutter around and splash in puddles as they sing to me their favorite tunes.

Their colors vibrant and warm that remind me of my loves embrace.

Sweet, the sound that rings in the air.


Mid-Summer Day in the Mississippi Delta holds my heart and will until I die

Until then here I shall sit

In my rocking chair.