In Coahoma County, a body of an unknown black male was found alongside a residential roadway in a ditch during the early morning hours on Tuesday by children waiting for the school bus.

Arriving at the bus stop that morning was unlike any other; however, a black man in his late 20’s lied face down in the ditch. The children, in a state of horror, ran back home to let their parents know what they saw at the school bus stop. At that point, it was reported to the authorities.

Official reports indicate that the deceased was not murdered but suffered a heart attack and fell into the ditch. Authorities believe he was attempting to relieve himself when he suffered the heart attack as he was found with his pants at his ankles. Officials have withheld information on the man’s identity.

For children to witness a traumatic event like this would cause some type of mental illness if not but temporarily. The children who found the body in such a state elevated the level of anxiety they felt at the bus stop. Hopefully, the children were able to seek the appropriate therapy and the help they need to get back to their normal state of mind and the ability to wait for the school bus again without duress. At the time of this report, no statements for either parties—family of the deceased and the parents of children—were given.