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Your majesty can not be defined.

Gliding through the air with

wind under your feathers.


Your world has been taken over

Two legged creatures

destroyed the home you knew from birth

For what?

Paper they will write their

inadequate dreams upon then discard.

You deserve better.

You deserve the lands where peace once spread.

You deserve to be praised, and respected.


Before the black hearted people destroyed the land in the name of adventure

Your ancestors, were worshiped by mine.

Only the brave and the wise would be compared to you.

The kind hearted, and the bold would be weary because they did not compare.

When your feathers would fall, even they were in high regard

Worn upon the heads of those deemed worthy.

Now you are fleeting from existence,

For what?

So that they can have bigger homes,

useless things to fill them, and voids as vast as oceans?

They lost sight of you, and when you have completely disappeared

They will post pictures of you with comments about how their loss is great

When really, they never knew you, and never will.



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About the Writer
Hailey Alderman, Staff Writer
Born in Madison, Miss., Hailey Alderman is married to a former Marine and, as a result, has lived in several different states and traveled  around the world. Despite living in big cities around the United States, Hailey thinks small towns are the place to be. She is from a rather large family with nine siblings. A double major in English Philosophy and psychology, Hailey is a expected to graduate in June. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on mini-adventures with her husband. She loves photography, hiking, and playing around with her husband with the occasional Nerf gun or water gun fight in the middle of the living room if he doesn’t pay attention to her for too long.

-Bio by Avery Wall, Statement Editor
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