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What if You are not a Christian?

The Muslim community wants to reach out to people who share a different background to come forward and be their own representatives.

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Delta State welcomes many international students from around the world, bringing cultural and religious diversity. With the majority among them being Muslim, students have decided to form a Muslim student association. According to students, the purpose of this association is to introduce diversity and share the values and traditions of different cultures and religions. The Muslim Student Association will allow people to get to know about intercultural similarities and differences. The international students have been attending various events at the campus to get to know their fellow students and learn about the local culture.

The Baptist Student Union arranged a dinner for international students on Friday, Sep. 14, in order to make them feel at home and to introduce them to Christian values. There are a few Christian communities around the campus sharing their values through different activities and programs leading to the question at hand–what if you are not a Christian? That being the stance, the Muslim community wants to reach out to people who share a different background to come forward and be their own representatives.

The campus head of this association is Dr. A.H.M. Reza, who is a Muslim professor at Delta State University. The students are working under his assistance and sharing their goals about the growth and activities of the Muslim Student Association. The activities will involve open discussions, lectures, social events and prayer times for the students. It will help to unify students from different cultural backgrounds.

At the campus level, students are planning to ask for the availability of prayer rooms and provision of food permitted by religion. This association will play an important role in providing a safe space for Muslims to express themselves. The students are determined to depict the real image of Islam and to negate the misunderstandings about their religion. The Muslim Student Association will provide a platform that offers students from various backgrounds to form a community based on shared ideals.

This association will not only benefit Muslims but also other communities by arranging interfaith and intercultural events promoting peace and harmony. It will act as a bridge to connect people with each other. The Muslim Student Association will be open for all interested students irrespective of their religion–not only internationals but Muslim Americans as well.

The Muslim Student Association will represent the religious diversity present around the campus and will talk to the responsible authorities for the requirements of Muslim students. The community plans to develop a healthy relation between people from diverse backgrounds and to be able to express itself without feeling discriminated against. The students are hoping for a positive change.

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