A Winter’s Coat


I wake up and it’s dark and I have no idea where I am at, it feels like just a couple seconds ago I was with Jack and the rest of the family being loaded onto a weird bird thing in what seemed to be a new crate for me- I guess that’s a plus. Right before the weird humans took me away Jack gave me a treat, it tasted a little weird, but it made me so full I fell fast asleep! I don’t think Jack is near and I begin to whimper, I hope I get out of here soon. To my surprise several other animals joined my solemn chorus.

All of a sudden, I’m moving, and I can smell the outside and it is very cold. Maybe the Russians are using me in a voting scandal! I begin to bark as loud as I can but my unseen foe is not dissuaded from his task; I am quickly transported into a place with the other animal cages but there’s a faint familiar smell…with every sniff comes hints of what could be this weird stuff Daniel,my pop who had to leave a while ago, used to put in his lip, (it smelled awful and mom always mentioned something about cankles when he put it in his lip). Could those fiends be using me to blackmail him?

I renewed my barking with a vigor unmatched by the other animals- the chihuahua never stood a chance- only to hear a very welcome sound: “Hey bud, how’s my Russ doing?” asks Pop. My cage opens, and I lose complete control of my lower half- that happens frequently- and begin jumping and wagging my tail at the sight of Pop. I haven’t seen him in what was surely a couple centuries. We quickly head outside, and I smell another familiar scent: it’s Ally, Pop’s fiancé!

I immediately plant my nose on the seat of her pants and reacquaint myself with her scent, much to her chagrin. After they finally calm me down with some much appreciated water and some treats, (beef jerky being my favorite) we get in the car and head down an unfamiliar road.

After barking throughout the entire ride we stop, and Pop says, “You’re home buddy!” I can barely contain myself and actually jump out of the window! I am rudely greeted by a mound of white fluff which can only be described as freezing feathers. I begin to shiver and immediately look to Pop for help. He laughs and picks me up, saying to Ally, “He’s gonna need to grow a new coat soon!”

I’m not exactly sure how to “grow a new coat” but it seems like I’m going to need to adjust to this new cold land. I can smell Russia from my house,  but I sure am glad to have a new home and be where I am supposed to be, surrounded by the people I love.