A Tale of Life


From a leadoff cry to the giggles followed by,

From a chaotic mess to a calming lullaby,

From the first glimpse to the endless sights,

From the promising grounds to wishful heights,

From best to worst and worst to best,

Moving on as the days went by,


For what’s mine is mine to receive.


The blissful days and the sleepless nights,

The warmest hugs and the frigid frights,

The brightest moments and the solemn darkness,

The tears shed and the smiles reflecting happiness,

The fear of losing and the courage to gain,

Through tough times, knowing how to maintain,


For what’s mine is mine to endure.


Having someone by my side, to love, to care,

A shoulder to cry on and things to share,

Through joy and dismay someone I can hold onto,

Someone to count on, someone to talk to,

My pride, my strength, my heart, my lifeline,

No matter what someone I get to call mine,


For what’s mine will remain mine.