Expansive Graduate Opportunities Offered by Delta State University

Delta State University offers much more than the undergraduate programs that most students are familiar with.

Delta State University offers much more than the undergraduate programs that most students are familiar with.


It also provides a wide variety of graduate programs that follow the traditional master’s pathway or are offered fully online. There are several different master’s programs that fall into various disciplines.Of course, DSU is traditionally a college of education and the majority of graduate programs reflect this.

The traditional pathway graduate education programs offered here include the Master of Education in Counseling, Master of Education in Educational Administration and Supervision, Master of Education in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, and Master of Education in Secondary Education in English, Art, History, and Social Science.

Following the traditional graduate pathway means attending class on campus and participating in face-to-face classes with professors.

DSU also offers several graduate education programs fully online, including the Master of Education in Elementary Education, Master of Education in Special Education, Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision, Educational Specialist in Elementary Education, and Doctor of Education in Professional Studies.

These online programs provide class flexibility to students who must work around a occupation schedule or who leave a far distance from the college and cannot commute. The student is the one who is ultimately responsible for managing and completing all course work assigned.

Education graduate programs are not the only programs that are offered by the university. Other traditional graduate programs include the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Master of Business Administration, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Science in Natural Sciences (Biology and Physical Science), and Master of Science in Sport and Human Performance.

There are also several more master’s degree programs that are offered fully online. These fully online programs are the Integrated Master of Business Administration, Master of Applied Science in Geospatial Information Technologies, Master of Commercial Aviation, Master of Science in Community Development, Master of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Social Justice and Criminology, Post Master’s Certificate (Family Nurse Practitioner), and Doctor of Nursing Practice.

Each of these programs have specific requirements that must be met for admittance. These prerequisites vary with different disciplines.

For example, the master’s program for Secondary Education requires students who are applying to have an undergrad degree in the specific discipline they are wishing to continue to study. Other requirements include an overall 3.0 GPA during undergrad and a teaching license.

These requirements are quite different from those required by the Professional Accountancy graduate program. This program still requires a 3.0 GPA in all higher-level business classes, but it also requires applicants to take the Graduate Management Admission Test or the Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency Writing Essay Test.

These are just a few examples of graduate programs and their requirements offered here at DSU. DSU’s graduate programs extend into many different disciplines other than education, something that may not be apparent to everyone in undergrad programs.

The wide range of master’s degree programs, both traditional and online, provide students from many different disciplines the chance to further their education here at Delta State University.

For more information on all the programs listed visit: http://www.deltastate.edu/graduate-and-continuing-studies/graduate-programs/