Jamaica’s Ban on Plastics


Will banning plastics work in helping our environment? Will it work? These are some of the questions that Jamaica’s government has about plastics.

Jamaica’s government is planned to ban plastic bags, plastic straws and styrofoam in order to help with the harm it is doing to the environment, and they succeeded.

The ban became effective Jan. 1, 2019, and it extends to the import, manufacture and distribution of plastic bags smaller than 24×24 inches, including black scandal bags, common in Jamaica and apparently named because the color prevents others from seeing what is inside of the bag.

The medical sector will be able to apply for exemptions from the ban because drinking straws made from alternative materials such as paper or bamboo are not always suitable for patients.

Consumers are also being encouraged to invest in reusable carrier bags, particularly those produced by local enterprises.

Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) supported that statement because they say it is in line with global trends to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic packaging and represents a positive shift in environmental policy by the Jamaican government.

Government officials in Jamaica feel this is the best way to connect with global issues and help stop pollution.  Jamaica’s garbage disposal satisfaction is at a low, averaging a 26.34%.

With this new ban, the environmental policy satisfactions will be moving towards a positive era.