Satire: The Elusive Education Major


These species of college students are quickly becoming endangered.


This will be an investigation into what education majors are and what could be contributing to their impending extension.


Our first stop on this investigation will be the Ewing Building. Ewing houses multiple major types, all of which are becoming endangered such as Fashion and Psychology, but our focus will be on the second floor where the education majors reside.


Upon asking education majors and former education majors, it was found that the decline is not due to economic conditions in the field after graduation. With an average yearly salary of $30,000-$40,000 in Mississippi, the cost of a Bachelor’s Degree, which is $28,304 at Delta State University, seem meager as educators make back all the tuition they paid within just the first year of their career.


The cause for the decline in this type of college student remains a mystery perhaps they are still here, but they are only hiding in plain sight.


Due to the push for education, a program called Teacher For America, college students are able to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in any field and then take a training course before being placed in schools for two years. While teaching they may become certified if they wish.


Hopefully education majors at Delta State will begin remerging in the next few years, but for now they remain in decline.