When Can You Relax?


Picture of the Green Mile located around campus, giving a path to follow on sunny days

Do Breaks Even Exist?

Even though Fall Break has come and blown right past, some students stay up too late and don’t sleep to catch up with the deadlines that are given to them. Some students even have to sacrifice part of their break just to not be so behind once school continued. 

With all of this, it begs the question: where can the separation between school and personal life be found?

Methods of Management and Success

According to an article from Michigan Technological University, this separation relies solely on time management. 

Their biggest tip says to resist temptations, which they phrase as, “[T]he real trick is to use the short gaps of unstructured time wisely … Fitting some of your homework into short blocks and forcing yourself to stay focused can free up larger portions of your weekends and evenings for fun.”

Using the gaps between classes can allow students more time after class to relax and focus on free time. 

Another suggested method notes to find more time by creating an organized schedule that maps out days. By doing this, students make time for not only their assignments but also for free time.

While these methods are recommended, this might not work for people that juggle jobs along with their academics. 

However, these commitments should not allow students to neglect their mental health. It is a struggle to handle so much at one time.

Mental Health America suggests in an article on balancing work and school to work a maximum of 10-15 hours so that it “leaves [students] adequate time to spend in class and on assignments, while exploring interests and building relationships.” They also suggest some methods of de-stressing when overwhelmed like walking around, calling a friend, coloring or simply taking a shower. 

With these methods of success and de-stressing, there is hope that whenever Thanksgiving Break comes around, it will be more care-free and relaxing.