Three Reasons Why You Should Watch “Black Mirror”


Striking Vipers is Season five's first episode of Black Mirror

“Black Mirror”, a Netflix series, is a five-season series which tells unique stories. These unique stories can range from sci-fi to modern situations that make you question society and your life choices. 

Here are three reasons why you should watch it:

“Black Mirror” is enthralling

“Black Mirror” is a series that consists of different storylines. Every episode shows what possibilities the world is capable of around you, mostly in regard to technology. 

It has a thought-provoking and profound message behind each episode and shows an external dimension that sees the mass destruction of humanity and the environment. “Black Mirror” is very intriguing to watch because of the intellectual dialogue about advanced technology that we don’t have yet.

However, it can be quite terrifying. How is it terrifying? When you finally realize how accurate these tales can be, the stories are very truthful. It explains the human destruction of humanity and the environment. 

“Black Mirror” deals with human nature

Season five, episode one is about two best friends who love to play video games. Every passing minute, they spend time playing their favorite video game, “Mortal Kombat.” But, not everything lasts forever. 

Meanwhile, one of the friends becomes a father and a husband to his long-time girlfriend. The other friend struggles to find a woman who can match his playful and geeky demeanor. 

In this first view of the friends’ new lives, you can see the decreasing intimacy between the family man and his wife and the unlucky single friend who is still struggling to find love. 

Their paths cross again when the family man has a birthday party and his best friend comes over.

The single friend, as a gift, bestows the family man a reboot of “Mortal Kombat,” but it is a virtual reality game. The game pulls you into a deep slumber in order to transfer your thoughts and emotions so that you are one of the characters. 

It is terrifying at first, but it becomes exciting for the two friends. As the game goes on, the unlucky single friend decides to kiss the family man. This is an uncanny and interesting way to express love for a friend who is a brother to you. 

This season poses a question about sexuality in entertainment and why it is important to express it. The psychological thoughts and the uncanniness within this episode will spook you, but can make you wonder about humanity.

“Black Mirror” questions technology

The series is unpleasantly enjoyable, especially when it is introducing new technology that seems beneficial at the time. However, technology quickly becomes the bane of the characters’ existences, and they often come to despise technology and how it affects human behavior or how humans are taking advantage of technology.

Because of the continuation of explanation, viewers don’t want to see any more technology because we question how advanced the technology is. It keeps drawing us in.

Can you take the heat?

“Black Mirror” is entertaining to college students

College students have a huge workload and sometimes they want to binge-watch a series to feel stress-free for the weekend or even a day. “Black Mirror” keeps you at the edge of your seat even if you think you are not going to continue to watch the deranged show. 

The ideas, the questionable problems, the technology, the excitement, laughter or even the terrifying situations are what make “Black Mirror” a series for college students to enjoy. 

Plus, it has an interactive TV game that controls your destiny.