Legal Troubles and the SCP Foundation

A man named Andrey Duksin is trying to illegally monetize a creator based website 

What’s happening?

The Secure, Contain and Protect (SCP) Foundation is the website in question. Thousands of individuals around the world are responsible for the collection of all the different works.

Duksin has illegally claimed copyright of the Russian branch of the SCP Foundation through false trademarking. 

According to the SCP Foundation’s official website, this has resulted in the shutting down of the Russian social media pages. It also affected a separate fan-based website. 

The website says that “Duksin has followed this by making a ridiculous demand to be administrator of the Russian wiki, and that said wiki be twisted into an advertisement for his merchandise rather than the writing community that it is.”

Duksin acquiring this trademark not only threatens the Russian branch of the SCP Foundation. This also affects the rest of the website as well. With Duksin acquiring the Russian branch brings fear to users of the website. This means he could potentially take over the rest of the website solely for his own monetary gain. 

How to help

Right now there is a donation link where many people have donated towards the legal funds to fight him. 

Famous Youtuber Mark Fischbach, otherwise known as Markiplier, has recently made a video rallying behind the creators of the SCP Foundation. He goes on to say that he “thinks it’s just outrageous of what this person is trying to do.” He has also donated towards this cause as well. 

If you also want to support this Foundation, their donation link can be found here.