Cafeteria Branching Out


Picture of posters from Young-Maldin

Delta State University now offers Asian and Mexican style food alongside American style foods. However, some DSU students from different cultural backgrounds still want a bigger variety of multicultural cuisine.

DSU’s Young Maudlin Cafeteria currently offers one main dish and one or two side dishes from a featured culture.  If the cafeteria would consider various dishes that each culture uses, this would give the school a more authentic taste of that culture’s food. While they could still have a few regular dishes for the students that want them, but there could be a bigger effort placed on these cultural foods.

Junior Cheyenne McCraine says, “Ensuring that the food is neither under or overcooked will go a long way.”

Students also say that the cafeteria also uses ingredients that are not meant to sit for long periods of time. For example, the cheese in the quesadillas is not the kind traditionally used, and tends to get hard when heated too long or if it gets cold, and the tortillas get hard when they get cold.

Freshman Andrew Hutchins gave his opinion and said, “Heating the food properly and ensuring that it is fresh will help the quality be better.”

Cultural Days

DSU has cultural days planned this semester. Young-Mauldin Hall will be serving Asian style food February 25; New Orleans style food March 3rd; Philadelphian style food March 26th; and Chicago style food April 23rd.

Students are looking forward to the events coming up. This could be a time for the cafeteria to fix these problems. And maybe ask students what they can work on.

Young Maudlin has a feedback option in the napkin holders on the tables in the cafeteria.

The school is trying to incorporate other cultures. Making dishes for the international students and even the students from the United States who are from different cultural backgrounds would help everyone feel more at home at DSU.