The Troubles Down Under

Australia has been struggling with wildfires since the end of 2019. Their monsoon season is a main contributor of their newfound relief.

Natural causes like dry lightning in dry bushland are a main contributor to these wildfires. Human actions of deliberately setting bushes on fire during droughts are also major contributors.

The wildfires have forced Australia into a state of emergency spanning across the entire continent. These wildfires are also affecting not only millions of people but also the wildlife that is indigenous there.

CNN said over “half a billion animals have been affected by the fires in New South Wales, with millions probably dead– and that’s the conservative estimate.”

There are many different videos online of casual civilians protecting burned koalas off of their trees and transported to different areas or given water after being in the heat for so long.

The drought season is over but monsoon season is just around the corner. This is like the amount of rain we have been receiving here in the Delta except ten times worse. A major contributor towards the containment efforts are the monsoons, even though the rain can be overwhelming.

Even though the rains have ended the wildfire season, this upcoming monsoon season is looking to be one of the heaviest seasons that Australia has seen in 30 years.

Irish Youtube sensation JackSepticEye raised money for this cause through a live-stream on Youtube. Within the first four hours, people donated $200,000 towards this cause.