The Mosquito Burrito Brothers: Living Life with your Identical Twin


“Twins always win!” Michael and Matthew pose at the Grammy Museum. Photo Credit: Matthew and Michael Franks


When I first moved to Cleveland, Miss., my sorority sister brought me to Mosquito Burrito, the restaurant she works at. I met her enthusiastic coworker, Michael Franks, who treated me with hospitality. 


A few days later I returned to Mosquito Burrito and saw Michael. I sat down and started a conversation with him, and to my surprise he had no idea who I was! I thought I must have forgotten to tell him my name the last time I came, but turns out he had no memory of meeting me—because he didn’t. This identity thief turned out to be Michael’s twin brother, Matthew Franks, who is just as spirited.


Many people have siblings with similar features and characterisitcs. Some might even say putting a wig on their sibling makes them totally identical. Luckily for the Franks twins, they do not need wigs because they’re identical twins.


Brother Buddies


People make a common mistake with identical twins: Getting their names wrong. As kind as these brothers seem to be, they have used their looks to their advantage.


We would swap classes literally all the time,Matthew says. “In fact, we swapped our math and English class when we were taking our graduation exams. Michael took my math and I took his English.”


Not only do they fool strangers, but they’ve pulled the switch-a-roo on their family as well.


“Our parents would often forget which one of us did what when we were younger!Michael says. “Especially when they were half asleep! They would start talking to one of us like we were the other.”


Twinning in the Workplace


The brothers have a great bond, and they’re so great together that they even work side by side. Some might find it difficult to work with their sibling, but not these two.


The way we team up at The Warehouse is awesome. We take full advantage of our sharing powers and combine them together to share with our customers.Matthew says. “It really helps us provide the best possible service we can and also we love that our sharing powers can see a literal pay off with the tips!”


The two work at both The WareHouse and Mosquito Burrito together. Neither of the brothers has ever had a negative moment in the workplace, making it even more difficult to determine who is who. The two are always optimistic and hard working when on the clock


We just grew up knowing who we are and knowing the good guys that we are deep down. We chose to never forget that and if anything, freaking embrace it. We own our positivity and don’t shine away from it.Matthew claims.