Visitation: Will It Ever Come Back?


The Student Government Association has begun working on a bill to allow students living on campus access to visitation.

Delta State University put visitation on restriction starting in Spring 2020 as a result of COVID-19 precautions. 

What Is Being Done?

Vice President Will Young says that the SGA is, “Reaching out to other universities that are allowing some kind of visitation to see how theirs is working.” Mississippi State University and Ole Miss are allowing visitation while keeping COVID-19 dangers to a minimum.

With other universities’ examples in mind, Young says that the SGA should finish the bill by mid-February. The Student Senate needs to approve the bill before it can move on to the Executive Cabinet of the SGA.

If the Executive Cabinet approves the bill, they will take it to President Laforge’s cabinet, who must also approve for the bill to become policy.

Is It Safe?

Resident Assistant for Lawler-Harkins, Breana Cargill, thinks that this bill would be safe to implement. She says, “People are already hanging out in the cafe, library, and the Union. People that they would visit during visitation are people that they are already hanging out with.”

She also thinks that it’s important to know how visitation would work. It would only be for students living on campus, and a screening process would be required.

If you want to visit another dorm, “You will have to show your Okra Card so that the RAs or DAs know that you live on campus. After that, you’ll have your temperature taken and sign in,” Cargill says.

If students are able to begin visitation again, they will need to be responsible. Outbreaks of COVID-19 can occur, and we must take every precaution. Wear a mask and monitor how you feel. If you begin to experience symptoms of COVID-19, let Student Life know.