Why Bring Up the Past?


Enrollment and activity in humanity departments has plummeted while STEM and business programs have skyrocketed over the last two decades (Forbes). However, people must realize that history is important and relates to the real world as well.

Why We Overlook History

Many schools never give students the opportunity to explore history. High schools often push students towards business, science, or engineering. Because of this, very few are encouraged to enroll or even gain experience in history or another discipline perceived as a subject that can be “taught via google” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

How History Can Add Value!

Meanwhile, you can apply many historical skills to various jobs and relationships through gen-ed courses. A world history course can provide value that applies to any major. “Therefore, history offers a unique opportunity to explore your personal interests because everything has a history: nations, wars, ethnic groups, sexuality, music, gambling, sports, art, science, medicine, law, business, economics, education, and so on.” (Saddleback College).

According to Peter N. Stearns, “History is useful for work. Its study helps create good business people, professionals, and political leaders.” (American Historical Association). There is a history for everything humans use daily and it is only growing.

What Can Students Gain?

Many of the CEOs leading American companies to heights of business have history undergraduate degrees. Studying history can offer a student a unique range of skills. History provides a view into the whole world, past and present. With the world becoming more globally connected day by day, cultural literacy and multiple viewpoints benefit any job (this.).

Marcie Bacchus, senior history major at Delta State says, “One of the most interesting history classes for any student would be Mississippi history. It gives insight into the culture of the Delta, how the state has changed, and expands understanding of the past into the present.”

Realizing why history is important to study will create more widely educated students and employees.