Okra vs. Statesman: Who Is Really the Best?



Delta State has used the Statesman as its mascot since the founding of the school in 1924. However, students thought that this mascot wasn’t fearsome enough. Around the middle of 1990, the students voted for the Fighting Okra to be the school’s second mascot.


However, there is one important question that has yet to be answered: Which mascot is better?


Wilbur Kendle would say that the Statesman would win this showdown. After all, it’s been here longer, and the founders of Delta State chose it to represent our school. 


However, I think that the Fighting Okra represents our school best. 


For one, the Statesman is a little outdated. It’s what the founders had in mind, but that was almost 100 years ago. The Okra is a unique mascot that makes our school stand out among other universities in Mississippi. It’s not a boring dog or a bulldog with an overbite. 


The Okra is also better suited to represent our sports teams than the Statesman. Unlike other schools (*cough* Ole Miss *cough*), we don’t need some generic white guy as the face of our football team. An okra with boxing gloves is much more intimidating than a dull face.


The Fighting Okra also has more personality than the Statesman. There’s emotion written all over the Okra’s face. When compared to the Statesman, you can immediately tell the difference. 


Kendle also says that a college doesn’t need to have a silly mascot. A college needs to have a mascot that entices people to attend. He says that we need something formal that wouldn’t be laughed at. I agree; a mascot like that wouldn’t be bad.


However, one shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves. Okra does just that, and there’s no harm in laughing at yourself.


Okra has one more important edge over the Statesman: It’s edible. I would much rather eat okra than a Statesman, and I sure hope that you agree with me.


While I like both mascots, I definitely think that the Okra is a better mascot. It’s funnier, scarier and most importantly, could beat the Statesman in a fight. The Statesman definitely has its place, and I don’t think that we should get rid of it. Both mascots are respectable and benefit Delta State University in their own way. 


The Fighting Okra just does it in a much better way.