There’s A Way to Lay a Successful Foundation Without a College Education


You can do it if you put your mind to it!

Many young adults have been told that they cannot become successful if they do not attend college time and time again. That is not the case, though. There are numerous people who have not attended college and are still successful in life.

So, Is It Possible?

Yes, to answer your question, you can become successful without getting a college education.

Logan Cox, a 25-year-old who did not attend college stated, “My teachers, friends, and other adults told me I would be living on the streets and depending on others to support me. Now, look at me. I have my own business, fixing to add onto it and open another business and I am making more than enough money to live happily and comfortably and support a future family.”

Now with that being said, if one decides to bum out and then he or she will not become a successful adult and he or she will struggle by not having a college degree.

Likewise, college students have the chance of becoming unsuccessful. It’s all about how you handle your business. 

“I took the easy way out,” an anonymous source stated. “I relied on my parents’ money and did not attend college and did not have a job. Pretty soon, I fell straight on my face and had to go back into school at the age of 25 when most people are graduating and start all over.”

The Parental Viewpoint

Many parents, including Kasha and Jack Deason, are afraid of their kids not getting the opportunity to become successful. They encourage their kids to attend college. 

“We believe that our kids will learn more about life going to school and facing the adversities of also being a college student-athlete and it will help them become more successful as they get older,” the Seasons agreed. 

This may be the basic premise of many adults’ thoughts about attending college. However, it is not the only way that people can become successful.

Successful Non-College Graduates

“Since I did not attend college and had to figure out things on my own, my own way, it made me work harder,” Cox states. “Since I could not rely on a diploma to find me work and money, which I knew I needed, I had to go out on my own and bust my butt to get to where I am. I believe not going to college made me a harder worker and also made me value the money I earned and not take it for granted,” he concludes.

Aside from Cox and his successes, there are many “big name” people who did not attend college and are now living the “life.” 

Gail Corder Fischer, an executive vice-chairman of Fischer & Company, a leading global corporate real estate firm that provides consulting, brokerage, and technology solutions, did not attend college and this is what she has to say:

“I graduated from the school of hard knocks, so I always felt like I had to work twice as hard as anyone with a college degree. This perseverance helped me develop a strong work ethic and problem-solving skills” (Insider). 

For Cox and Fischer, they say that not attending college helped shape them into a better, more hard-working, and successful person was a blessing in disguise they would have been if they attended college.

Make a Plan

If you are struggling to figure out if college is for you, map it out and make a plan.

There are many different alternatives from college including trade school, the military, offshore work, etc. Seek help and advice from people who chose the route of not going to college. 

If you commit to it, anything is possible.