If Not Now, When?: Three Ways to Stop Procrastinating



The clock is ticking; make more of your time starting today.

Are you a procrastinator? If so, then this article is for you. 

College students handle multiple subjects, assignments, exams and extracurriculars, so having time management skills is essential. 

Time management benefits your life. Having time management skills can help you feel more assured, be more organized and learn more proficiently. 

Experts, including those at the University of People blog, agree on a few simple tricks that can help college students improve time management.

One: Create a Day Planner

You achieve the best results when you plan tasks before doing them. Using a day planner to schedule times for different activities ensures that you prepare well for these events.

According to Staples Professional, keeping a day planner also helps you to stay up on everything, and allows you to spend more time with your family.

Two: Prioritize

Another tip is to prioritize your most important tasks. Once you’ve made your list of what it is you need to do, you can organize it in order of priority. 

There are many approaches to doing this. You can start by picking out 3 tiers of importance: high, medium, or low. And lastly, rank every item on your list on a scale from 1 to ten, and then order them accordingly. 

Three: Give Each Task a Time Limit

Setting a start time and an end time for each item on your to do list will help you stay focused and ensure that you get through your list of tasks.

Michael Sliwinsky, the founder of the productivity app No Be, uses this tip.

“I just put a timer on for 25 minutes and start doing only one task,” Sliwinsky says. “This time pressure and single focus helps me get back on track and get into my productivity rhythm.”

Benefits of following these tips can include balance in work-life, more time for other enjoyable activities, less procrastination, greater focus, less stress, and a greater level of productivity.