Flying Under the Radar: Roberts-Laforge Library

DSU Library Services are ready and available to assist DSU students!


Charlie Lott

Student Librarian Breana Cargill examining documents at the reference desk.

The Roberts-Laforge Library is a buoy for students to cling in times when they feel they are drowning in a sea of stress, study materials and caffeine. 

During the final week, students scramble to cram every last piece of information to succeed on their exams, projects etc.

The library remains open two extra hours the week before finals to allow students a much needed area to properly study, read and write. 

As one might guess, finals week is the busiest time of year for the library and its staff. However, the library is generally open Sunday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the entirety of each semester barring any holidays or special events. 

Library Services: More Than You Might Expect

It seems that many students are unaware of the services that the library provides and could benefit from taking advantage of its many services. 

Delta State senior Brett Etheridge admits he was not even sure of the library’s location early in his tenure at Delta State. Etheridge notes that once he discovered the library, he realized how valuable it was to his success as a student. 

“My freshman year, I struggled a bit academically because of the difficulty of studying and doing schoolwork in the dorms,” said Etheridge. “When I started to regularly go to our library, it became much easier for me to focus and complete my work on time.” 

Etheridge is also extremely complimentary towards the staff who work in the library, noting their “kind demeanor” and “helpful advice.” 

The library usually has around 20 staff members who work in nine different departments, although this number fluctuates constantly. All of the members of the library staff dedicate themselves to aiding students through their education process. 

Meeting the Needs of the Students

C.T. Salazar is one of the professional librarians who specializes in reference and instructional services. He is adamant that the library’s goal is to “meet the needs of the students.”

Salazar notes that the library can offer aid to phase of education, and he feels that the library has more to offer than people think. “The original idea of a university was a bunch of buildings with a library in the center,” said Salazar. 

The resources that the Roberts-Laforge library provides for students and professors alike are more than meets the eye. Only half of what they offer is a physical place for study or schoolwork. 

The other half is an enormous online database that allows students to conduct research for assignments, projects or general curiosity. This allows students to broaden their perspective on a topic and find valuable information to improve their knowledge on it.

The databases and the general atmospheric pleasantries that are offered still fail to represent the entirety of the institution.

Additionally, computer labs, study rooms, interlibrary, DVD collection, printer services and a variety of references and books. Almost anything the average college student could need, the Roberts-Laforge library and its staff can provide it.