I Could Only Imagine

A world where falling in love is the easiest decision to make,

and the most beautiful risk to take.

A world where peace conincided with joy,

and violence didn’t self-destruct and destroy.

A world where hate wasn’t the inevitable,

and that melanin would make us inseperable

– more or less,

but we would mesh well with others, collaboratively,

and not stand out, we would ALL be sisters and brothers,


– equality versus inequality


A world where competition didn’t turn us into savages,

with a mentality of “I gotta get it, I gotta have it!”

where survival of the fittest was merely implicit,

except the demon internally comes alive externally

when we’re exposed to those hatreds of this world.

stripped of our own minds and brainwashed to conform to yours..

what are OUR true identities?

I could ONLY imagine.