The Delta Statement

The Last of a Dying Breed

The Last of a Dying Breed

Aallyah Wright October 16, 2016

Every graduating senior, whether in college or high school, has foregone what is called “senioritis”. According to, senioritis is the crippling disease that strikes high school...

Screenshot of the actual #chalkening

Pro-Trump “Chalkening” Hits DSU Campus

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 8, 2016

Students across college campuses have participated in "#thechalkening" challenge in support of Donald Trump. It started when students at Emory University wrote "Trump 2016" on their campus sidewalk...

Cleveland Hall Floods due to Leaky Roofs

Aallyah Wright, Editor April 4, 2016

Cleveland Hall experienced a leak that transpired into flooding over Spring Break. During the week of March 7 through 11, Cleveland, Miss., and surrounding areas sustained heavy flooding that resulted...

Few of the winners at the Mississippi Press Awards.

The Delta Statement wins record first place awards at Mississippi Press Association competition

Elisabetta Zengaro March 25, 2016

Editors and staff of The Delta Statement, Delta State University’s student-led newspaper, won 12 awards, including a program-record of six first place awards, in news, editorials, sports, photography,...

Photo of Stephanie Messer as a undergraduate student

Green Light: Stephanie Messer is Fashion Forward

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 25, 2016

  "Three words!" Stephanie Messer said while laughing. "Just three? You're asking the wrong thing of an English major!" Anyone who knows Messer knows that she is a very flamboyant person...

I Could Only Imagine

I Could Only Imagine

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 25, 2016

A world where falling in love is the easiest decision to make, and the most beautiful risk to take. A world where peace conincided with joy, and violence didn't self-destruct and destroy. A...

Green Light: #UniteToFight

Green Light: #UniteToFight

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 25, 2016

Delta State University junior, Stephon Jackson, has been battling with sickle cell anemia since birth. To help bring awareness to the disease, Jackson is starting an organization called United Sickle...

Be the Light

Be the Light

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 25, 2016

Have you ever stopped to think about how the decisions you make affect everyone else? Maybe, not even a mass audience, but a small crowd? Every day of my life, whether I'm having a great day or the most...

Photographer: Najawon Wilson

Buzz Surrounding GRAMMY Museum Mississippi

Aallyah Wright and Jontil Coleman March 4, 2016

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the grand opening of the GRAMMY Museum Mississippi which opens, Saturday March 5, in Cleveland, Mississippi. DSU student and member of DMI ALL-Stars, Brennan Barham,...

Photo from Delta State Universitys website

Most Beautiful Pageant

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 2, 2016

The Student Government Association (SGA) presented the 2016 Most Beautiful Pageant on Feb. 23, in the Bologna Performing Arts Center. Emily Adams took the title of Most Beautiful and Most Photogenic. The...

Its A Part of Who I Am

It’s A Part of Who I Am

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 1, 2016

They look at my kinks, coils, and curls and wonder how I manage to tame them. I tell them, "Its a part of who I am."   They stare at my sun kissed skin and wonder why I am not a shade...

Photo of Members of AASC at their spring induction ceremony.

AASC’s Spring Induction Ceremony

Aallyah Wright, Editor March 1, 2016

The African American Student Council hosted their spring induction ceremony on Feb. 24, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Lena Roberts Chapel. "[The] induction ceremony is set to celebrate members and the collaborations...